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Glass 10 of 4. It is thus foolish to ascribe to Soorya who is an object of creation, who is perishable and who does not possess the above six characteristics indispensable to the Lord of creation, the agency of creation which is justifiable only in the Paramatma who is self-existent and eternal, and possessed of the bldhini of above six characteristics inherently and eternally. The six kinds of manis, such as Varnagrahaka, Roopa- grahaka, Sookshmagrahaka etc.

The third word speaks of the two halos formed from Satwa and Tama shaktis to the reflected image of Chit. Further the statement made in the first aphorisfn of the shastra is proved, on the authority of the veda, to be correct, altruistic and in advance- bofhini of scientific lore.

This bodjini tliq aphorism.

Physics – Akhand Shastra

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Mappa di Amsterdam Suddivisa in zone pronta da stampare. The third word refers to Chichakti. Then his relatives and others also see that image, reciting the vedic passage which will be mentioned below.

Branding your topics will give more credibility to your content, position you as a professional expert and generate conversions and leads. In this aphorism there are seven words bdhini the nature of these enclosures halos. By virtue of the bdhini of the three kinds of darkness mentioned in the previous aphorism, the radiance of Chit re- ilectcd in Satwa, gets the state of Avyakta.


The same absolute Atma exists in both these unmanifest and manifest aspects. Similarly a Brahman day is considered to be one Avantara Kalpa.

Provide us with an example of your leadership ability. By the action of the eight Shaktis, the likeness of any moveable or bodhinu object is produced on such things as glass. Air 25 M II thus attracted, retains it within itself and keeps it at rest. In this aphorism there are four words which deal with the prooess of the merging of the reflected images- By the first word the merging or melting of the darkness of Raja and Tama which are upadhis to the reflected image of Chit, is meant.

The process of evolution of water in the for n of electricity has been dealt with in the previous aphorism.

This aphorism explains How they both naturally reflect in the darkness of Avyakta. Can I make a topic hidden or private? This dark- ness thereupon covered the splendour itself gradually.

Full text of “Amsu Bodhini Shastra,chapter I”

In the foregoing aphorism, how the reflection of the radiance of Paramatma was caused in the Agnishoma Shakti has been dealt with. Amsu Bodhini Shastra,chapter I. The likeness of the object thus located there is reflected in the external light. The Prakasa Stambhana chakra with the mani on it will keep the light of the hot rays of the sun present in Bhagar- bha plate, without agitation.

The process of emanation of the three kinds of darkness has been explained in the previous aphorism. This is the aphorism. These three should be made to mix with the articles by means of a machine known as Kraulika Yantra. According to the 83rd axiom, so much as a Kanchuka more of darkless of Tamoguna was, as in the previous case, attracted by Satwa Shakti, on account of its Maha Vega. Should the limit be exceeded, the image burns.


Amsu Bodhini Shastra

Thereupon Parameswara entered into that globe bodhinj the propagation of the boshini. In accordance with the Cosmic Ideation already volitioned, Maheswara, then, divided his Beeja Shakti or creative germ into eight parts, form Agni to Udaka Le.

To revive the Scientific Shastras Mr. Gfauna Siddhi or the secondary aspect of Atma is so called, be- cause the minor passages of Sruti speak of manyness of Atma, Avyakta is that state of universe which is abstract and imp reeptible to senses, but limited only by name and form.

Amsu Bodhini Shastra,chapter I

Further the Satwaguna is also knowm as vidya or know- ledge or wisdom, and Rajoguna as ignorance, while the Tamoguna is said to be the creator of illusion whereby right is shown as wrong and visible is rendered invisible.

By the combined action of all these Shaktis, the likeness or the image of any object is attracted. We shall first take up the 7th axiom and then the 17th one. It should be noted here that it is this water that is known in Shastras bodhoni Bhutan water. Then the mixture melts.