The Grimoire of Armadel has ratings and 4 reviews. Yomna said: This is by far the simplest of all the grimoires I’ve read so far, It’s temptingly to. ARMADEL. Electronic Version Prologue. This grimoire was first translated by Mr. MacGregor Mathers into English. Now for the first time in English I Frater Alastor. Of all of the old grimoires, the one that intrigues me the most is called the Grimoire of Armadel. I am intrigued because not much is known about.

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The key to operationally using this grimoire requires re-establishing the operational sequence and also performing classical invocations of the various spirits before performing the sigil character operations. Or it might be the whole thing was indeed faked up, gri,oire suggested in the aforesaid introduction to the most recent edition of the book.

Other authors have considered that the name Armadel was a variation of Almadel, but I disagree. I might want to use the Gnostic books of the Apocryphon of John and the Trimorphic Protenoia as the spiritual background for this new grimoire, since they are personally important to me and to the Order.

He giveth unto us a perfect knowledge of all the simples and their virtues.

Grimoire of Armadel

David rated it hrimoire was ok Aug 25, Pageviews since the beginning. Since I have determined the actual operational steps and the requirements for making this grimoire fully functional, I need only to build a system of magick to use the special sigil characters.

Of all of the old grimoires, the one that intrigues me the most is called the Grimoire of Armadel. H A rated it liked it Jul 28, Connolly September 8, at To ask other readers questions about The Grimoire of Armadelplease sign up. Religions and creeds may differ, but the over-arching spiritual wisdom contained in these sigil characters goes far beyond the tenets of afmadel one specific religious perspective.


Of Magical Personas and Cartesian Dualism 8 hours ago. The initials inscribed are Capital ‘H’ and lower case ‘j’.

Grimoire of Armadel

I do hope you come up with a Pagan version of this grimoire. However, the art of magick that is used to gain knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment is the art of disposition. It would seem that these sigil characters are used to consecrate the altar and magickal tools with some kind of empowered chrism, but the directions are torturously obscure. Christian magick, sigils, Goetia. Gblfxt rated it liked it Aug 16, Published September 1st by Weiser Books first published A blurb from the advertisement for this book says the following: Refresh and try again.

The art of Armadel appears to be a system of magick that assists the operator in acquiring visions, insights, occult knowledge, wisdom, and ultimately, spiritual enlightenment.

Talking About Ritual Magick: Grimoire of Armadel – A Curious History and Enigmatic Use

The obscure wording could be justified if it was meant to protect the operator from being accused of performing diabolical ceremonial magick, or at the very least, committing sacrilege. Yet some of the seals and sigils in the Armadel are beautiful, having artistic merit as well as magical value. Gabriel and Michael also appear in the operation of Uriel Seraphim, their unique sigils are shown with five other archangels and their names are used in the left and right hand words of evocation.

Open Preview See a Problem? Mark Mirabello rated it liked it Apr 29, Some never make that transition, and others seek it without having the solid base of the mastery of practical magick. The one on the left uses the archangel name Michael, and the one on the right, Gabriel. I am of the firm belief that most grimoires can be easily “de-Christianized”.

The work was hidden away for years in the Gerald Yorke collection, and has received little or no serious attention since it was first published in Albert rated it liked it Feb 10, Certainly, this particular practice in the art of magick would have been greatly admired in its time, only to be obscured and then superceded by the more grandiose types of material based magick, such as those found in forms of angelic, talismanic and goetic magick.


Certainly, if that were the case, others would have already solved the mystery of this grimoire when it first came out thirty years ago.

ar,adel We can hopefully anticipate the eventual discovery and publishing of a more armaddel translation from a currently unknown German version. It is filled with sigils, magical symbols for various spirits, based in Christian thought. Lists with This Book. Given that few medieval grimoires survived, there is not a lot to compare to this book for context, quality or even just to get the gist of what is usual for the genre. He can be invoked at any time.

Michael – I would recommend purchasing the book; the paper bound version of the grimoire is very inexpensive. These sigil characters are used to aid the magician in achieving the grace necessary to perform the work — extracted from the end of Book II 6. This should not devalue the arrmadel of this book, since it can be reasonably shown to be part of a historical context that occurred at the height of the great age of grimoires. Frater Barrabbas’ Web Links http: However, since the title page is grimmoire the end of the manuscript instead of the beginning, one could consider this as a clue to the actual operational sequence of the grimoire.