Lucinda Margaret Grealy (June 3, – December 18, ) was an Irish- American poet and memoirist who wrote Autobiography of a Face in Before reading Autobiography of a Face, I’d only read one thing by Lucy Grealy. It was “The Country of Childhood” from her As Seen on TV. Autobiography of a Face is a memoir written by award-winning poet Lucy Grealy. It describes her childhood struggles with jaw cancer and the resulting.

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A lot of cats were tabbies. She thought that people stared a Ehm There’s a problem loading this menu right now. This is a must read for anyone and everyone. The book was even more interesting the second time because I had so much more information about Lucy and her relationships and possibly also because this time I knew how Lucy’s story would end.

Autobiography of a Face

Only on Halloween, when she could mask her face, did she feel free and joyful, unconcerned about her appearance, “normal. Other children regarded her as a sort of monster, and the only occasion where she associated normally with other children was Halloween, when she could hide behind a mask. Consider the garden-variety cruelty of m At an early age, Lucy Grealy was found to have a rare form of cancer.

According to Ann Patchett, Lucy underwent thirty-six surgeries.

Hijacked by grief

It was almost as if she was excited by the idea. Because it is so precious? When a review copy of Ann’s grsaly, Taft, arrived by courier at my house in London, Lucy, staying with me, didn’t bother to open it. Jessica I’d say yes; it’s an incredible story with many areas by which excellent discussion and student writing can be parsed out.


She became convinced that only facial reconstruction and a restored appearance would make life bearable. Their friendship is the subject of Patchett’s memoir Truth and Beauty: There are memoir things that she does particularly well.

Lucy is confronted with the terrible truth of medicalised bodies when spurred by curiosity, the children lead an expedition to the animal labs. If she could not succeed at being beautiful, facially, she would become as smart as she could. Much of the story is Lucy having operation after painful operation to try to regain what most of us take for granted, normalcy.

I discovered ‘Autobiography of a Face’ by Lucy Grealy at a used book store. We thought, how could we not? Lucy had loved that painting, however, and I was disturbed that someone would geealy more entitled to such a connection with her past. Lucy Grealy’s biography is an exploration into identity. Could you drop by the waiting room and see if you can do anything for them?

Lucy Grealy – In the Mind’s Eye: An Autobiography of a Face – adogcalledpain

The story is either too close or too far, and in both cases the effect is loss of clarity. The two books offer a stark contrast, with the truth probably being somewhere in the middle. I think it would have felt more real, and given the reader more of a tether as to what to feel.


Nov 26, Ron rated it really liked it Shelves: I could not imagine being so honest about one’s body yrealy self image. Now an award-winning poet and essayist a short version of her tale originally appeared in Harper’s and received a National Magazine AwardGrealy’s tale ends not with magical deliverance, but with hard-won self-acceptance. Patchett’s book, Truth and Beauty: I read some reviews on Goodreads by people who said she was a whiner.

Jul 05, Pf rated it did not like it. One technical issue that contributed to this distance was her overuse of the conditional tense: She spent so much time deluding herself into believing a warped reality that she lost out on a good portion of her life. In her memoir, Autobiography of a FaceGrealy describes her life from the time of her diagnosis and how she weathered the cruelty of schoolmates and others, suffering taunts and endless stares from strangers.

Can you accept who you are, atobiography and all?