Danfoss thermostatically operated valve type AVTA, BVTS, WVS, WVTS, FJVA and thermal safety valves are often discribed as fit and forget valves due to their. 2. Danfoss A/S Thermostatically operated cooling water valves. Type AVTA. Contents. Page. Introduction. N Danfoss AVTA 25 – with adsorption charge AVTA thermostatic valves are widely used for temperature control in many different sorts of equipment.

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Namur Based Asco Valves. If you do not know the water flow rate required, there is a table which will help you determine it, but you will need to know the required capacity of heat removal in refrigeration tons TR or in KW.

If you need a very accurate figure, you should check the temperature setting with danfooss thermometer. Danfoss RT Differential Switch. The AVTA can operate at 16 bar and thus be used without problems. If the cooling water temperature is close to that point, then more capacity is necessary to cool down the process medium.

Danfoss AVTA 25 Valve N

Yes, you should use the AVTA thermostatic valve. Self-acting means that thermostatic valves operate without the supply of external auxiliary energy such as electricity or compressed air. AVTB is self-acting temperature controller used to control the water temperature in hot water tanks, heat exchangers, oil preheaters, etc. Please see our internet product catalogue. When the correct valve size is chosen.


This action can be done even with the water in the system. Hysteresis depends on the sensor filling. Type of the charge and whether sensor is in contact with liquid media or air. Asco Joucomatic Air Service Equipment. Danfoss Solenoid Valves – Marine.

Danfoss Nessie Power Packs. Proportional Asco Numatics Valves. Danfoss Electronic Motor Starters.

The first two are related to production week and the third one to production year. Proportional means that on sensor temperature change, the cooling water flow quantity change is proportional. In case of smaller boilers, we recommend the purpose-designed bio-mass valve BVTS. The reason is that the sensor is filled with a mixture of liquid and gas and the end of the capillary tube inside the sensor has to be in the liquid phase.

Please see our internet catalogue for relevant code numbers. Sirai Solenoid Valves – General Purpose. Asco Joucomatic Air Operated Valves.

003N1144 AVTA 10 Danfoss Thermostatic valve 10-80°C

Yes, AVTA is a great solution for biomass boilers above kW, danfosw overheating of the boiler. Controller closes on rising temperature. Asco Joucomatic Manually Operated Valves. Danfoss MBT Sensor. They open on rising application temperature.


Danfoss KP Temperature Switch. Danfoss Pressure Transmitters – Marine. This gives a high velocity over the valve seat which can generate noise. Danfoss Solenoid Danfows Coils. Asco Joucomatic Pneumatic Accessories. Thermostatic valves type AVTA work independent from media differential pressure up to 10 bar. Danfoss Spare Parts For Contactors. Danfoss Nessie Manual Valves.

Terms of Use Privacy policy General information Cookies. AVTA, Thermostatic valves with temperature sensitive sensor AVTA thermostatic operated water valves are widely used for temperature control in many different sorts of equipment and installations where cooling is required.

Danfoss self-acting cooling water valves for accurate flow control based on sensor temperature Capillary sensor with adsorption charge, mass charge or universal charge Open on rising temperature Brass or stainless steel valve body For extremely aggressive media, also available in titanium please contact us.

Danfoss Group Global English U.