The Bajrang Baan is a very powerful prayer dedicated to the Hindu The literal meaning of the Bajrang Baan is the arrow of Bajrang Bali or. May Meaning of Bajrang Baan: “Bajrang Baan” is a combination of three words i.e. “Vajra + Ang + Baan” which means: (1) Vajra: The Fighting. The Bajrang Baan is a very powerful prayer dedicated to the Hindu God literal meaning of the Bajrang Baan is the arrow of Bajrang Bali or .

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Tulsi Vivah is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant holy basil. Anonymous April 8, at 9: Read Bajrang Baan any time and in any situation you want to because In process sacrificing my EGO! Thanks, may he bless you. Rest assured about this fact.

I am one of them, and seeking justice from GOD. So it is in no way be considered in a negative way. The Writer of this webpage is in a complete “Dis-illusion” and have created doubts in the minds of others. Anonymous January 27, at I mean actualy I got one disadvantage like you written in disadvantage of bjrang baan. Horoscope Predictions by date of birth. Anonymous September 13, at 9: That means we cant use tha word at all in temple also its all about why we using it when and where.

There is nothing wrong in the economics, it is something only to do with my fate, my destiny, and so I started chanting Mantras, become Pious by praying everyday,etc. Anonymous November 6, at 2: I have seen and met many people who say that we chant “Bajrang Baan ” and also i hav Anonymous October 11, at 8: Only good things happen. I have been told that someone has done black magic on me. Bajrang Baan is great mantra and it is very useful to read daily with the concern of any astrologer.


Bhagwan is made of positive divine energies and there is no question of negative energies coming to Him. And what is basn method to read it?

Ramesh sharma October 5, at 1: This explanation is certainly not true. Anonymous August 15, at 1: I was unaware of the fact and thus did it. Bajrang Baan begins with a request Unseen Rajasthan March 12, at If this is applicable with the human’s then “Lord Hanuman” is God. Anonymous April 12, at 2: I don’t reply to comments in open Forum!! Unseen Rajasthan August 21, at Ramaayana in our heart and life’s. Anonymous February 13, at Hanuman Ji can never hear this even as this is like killing their own parents and no body would like to see them dead.

This can be proved better with an example like It is in your destiny that you will be in trouble for 1 year and during that period you read Bajrang Baan for 2 months. So, from the meaning of words we can easily understand that it means Mantra’s which go as fast as Arrow and achieves the desired aim and will not be deviated from the path and gives you the surety of hitting the aim.

Anonymous March 2, at 8: Posted by Unseen Rajasthan at 1: As mentioned in my last comment also i am just providing you the information on some hard grounds and its readers discretion to take the necessary actions!! Offer him “Gud” and “Chane” and say that “Lord please forgive us for the sin that we did,we were not aware that reading “Bajrang Baan” hurts and pains you.


Bajrang Baan

Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs for Anonymous May 31, at I dare you to recite it. He can enjoy 3D gallery bajran nice image effects and graphics and after clicking on any particular image he can set that particular image as wallpaper in your device.

Not safe using it unless it is in a time of need.

Why are they worshiped? Hanumanji will take away all ur sorrow and fullfill all your desire. Those 2 months of the comfort would be added in the year and this ways you will have to complete your trouble period of 12 months which later on becomes 14 months. It is always evident that if we are forced to do something we will not do it from hear and later on results into problems.

Bajrang Baan – The Indian Mythology

The fate is yet to be known. Bajrang BaanConceptDisadvantages. The sincere recitation of the Bajrang Baan will remove all negative energies from your surroundings, and bring peace and harmony to your life.

Reading Bajrang baan will not have any bad effect. As you have forced them by bounding them with the Swears bajrng will come out but the results are not long lasting. What ever mantram also the most important is the purpose of chanting that mantram.