CA7 COMMAND DEFINITION LJOB,JOB=xxxxxxxx,LIST=ALL Lists date of CA7 Commonly used Commands IMS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. Since some process was late Job A with schid 2 and 3 was in CA7 Queue. Then Job B Interview. Mainframe Interview questions. Cobol Interview Questions. View Homework Help – CA7 from PSYC at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Interview Questions: Career Assignment 7 1.) Date and.

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This command will place a HOLD on the job which must be posted.

Mainframe Materials: CA7 Basics & Commands

To release a job that has been put on hold, enter the ‘XQ’ topline command to go to the queue maintenance screen. Hence after solving the abend,you can restart the job th job in your case.

CPU jobs which may be executing have to be canceled from the operating system separately. If you are not the on-call SE but plan to restart a job, you need to contact the on-call SE and let them know. The line number in which offset is found has caused the termination. These requirements must be added to the job while it is in the CA-7 request queue. The above command lists all the jobs that is present in the restart queue. This command only removes the job from the CA-7 queues. When you edit the execution JCL in CA-7 it does not prevent someone else from editing the dataset and they can overlay your changes.


A month-by-month calendar is displayed for both parameters. This command must be used whenever questikns job enters the request queue in skeleton mode no JCL attached to job.

Here you can change the job submit time, as well as several other job attributes. JO Overrides Indicates the statements are to be omitted based on the specified scheduling criteria. Wed Aug 04, 4: These added requirements apply only to the current run of the job. It will display all the jobs that are active in the queue. JI Overrides Indicates the statement are to be included based on the specified scheduling criteria.

CA7 Commonly used Commands

If abend occurs at the th job,they restart the th job alone and not from the first job. If you ca77 to cancel a job that is awaiting execution ready queue or executing active queuecancel it from SAM or call the operator and have them cancel the job. You can use this command for a specific job, or for an entire workload in the case of a major unexpected and unscheduled change in the environment.

Type an ‘X’ beside it and hit the Enter key.

The post-processing will cause the out-conditions to imterview posted, possibly allowing any successors to execute as soon as CA-7 brings them into the request queue.

JCL is fetched from the library indicated on the DB.

Add a job dependency requirement: The list is displayed in jobname sequence. Tab down to the job you want to view requirements on.


Tab down to the job you want to requeue, type a ‘Q’ beside it, and hit the Enter key. The other jobs will run in active queue and don’t get disturbed by this job unless it has dependency over it. Use the ADDRQ command to manually add temporary, one-time, pre-execution user or predecessor job requirements. Change a Job submit time: Tab down to the job you want to restart, type an ‘F’ beside it, and hit the Enter key. Type an ‘R’ beside the job you want to release, and hit enter. It consists of system commands,workstation networK commands,workload balancing commands,forecasting,general inquiry facilities,workflow control,online and interface utilities.

The easiest way to requeue a job is with the requeue command: To post a requirement, type an ‘X’ beside the job name and hit enter. Type a ‘U’ beside the job you want to update, and hit enter. Edit the execution JCL: Posting the hold requirement accomplishes the same thing as using the Release. This command places a HOLD on the job which must be posted.


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