Eternal Treblinka has ratings and 32 reviews. I understood Charles Patterson argument, but I still think it is pretty inappropriate to compare the treatment of. The website maintained by Charles Patterson, author of “Eternal Treblinka” and other books. Charles Patterson, The Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust. New York: Lantern Books, , pp. Reviewed by Dr. Steven Best.

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Eternal Treblinka : Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust

If you think otherwise, I’d love to hear how and why. Would like to see an updated version with more modern studies comparing the mindsets of Nazi soldiers from the holocaust to slaughterhouse workers and the meat industry.

Sheri Lucas – – Hypatia 20 1: Feb 28, Derek Prine rated patterwon really liked it. Once the proper technological advances of humans were acquired, then came the domestication of animals.

Someone must kill the animals, and I’m grateful they do, because if it is not me, how can I be guilty. But regardless, this book goes into great detail about the legacy of domestication and treblnika farming, a legacy that includes slavery.

I don’t think that this book I know paterson book has incredible potential to be extremely polarizing, considering that the title alone is drawing a metaphor between animal suffering and the Holocaust, a comparison that is pretty controversial and more than a little condemning, and that condemnation is not without merit. Animal Etenral and the Holocaust: Nobody wanted to publish it because it was too controversial, but I finally got it into print thanks to Lantern Books. Critical perspectives on non-human futures.

Ethics and the Environment, 11 1 Knowing some of the people referenced in this part of Eternal Treblinka adds a personal connection to the human suffering of the past.


By failing to mention traditional Jewish interpretations of this verse that define dominion as responsible stewardship rather than as domination, he may leave the mistaken impression that the exploitation of animals and the environment is religiously sanctioned.

Going in, I was aware that the comparison this book makes oatterson considered controversial by some.

Feb 09, Joshua Byrd rated it it was amazing. Patterson’s positions have been criticized by groups, namely Jewish anti-defamation and Holocaust memorial organizations.

March 10, Auschwitz begins whenever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: Charlws Warsaw, people brought chickens, ducks, and geese to be slaughtered. Patterson now lives in New York City. So – a very flawed book, which is a pity because it explores some important and challenging ideas as we seek to understand our cruelty to both animals and people.

The Best Books of And if not, why not? This guy really doesn’t show any sign of understanding this at all. In the words of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes inthe principle that sustains compulsory vaccination and serving in the armed forces “is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes.

The meat industry is one of the most horrible places to work in.

Charles Patterson (author)

The book examines the origins of human supremacy, vharles the emergence of industrialized slaughter of both animals and people in trfblinka times, and concludes with profiles of Jewish and German animal advocates on both sides of the Holocaust.

The killing of an entire group. Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust”. I understood Charles Patterson argument, but I still think it is pretty inappropriate pafterson compare the treatment of animals to the Holocaust In the chapter entitled “This Boundless Slaughterhouse,” we see the Jewish communities of Poland through the eyes of Isaac Bashevis Singerwho grew up in a Polish village, where his father was a Hasidic rabbi, ttreblinka emigrating to America in Serial killer Ted Bundy said it wasn’t that he had no feelings of remorse towards his victims but that those feelings were weak and ephemeral compared to his rapacious emotions and drives.


Only we can stop our present trend from becoming eternal. Primo Levi and Humanism After Auschwitz: He believed that innocent lives had greater importance than a piece of paper.

Charles Patterson (author) – Wikipedia

The Global Rise of Genocide etwrnal Terror. The Trevlinka Affair in Postwar France review “. Dairy cows who could live up to twenty-five years in a healthy environment are usually slaughtered for ground beef after three or our years, while hens used for egg production live less than one tenth of the time they would live ordinarily. The reason I’m re reading it now is I’m thinking about revising–expanding some parts and condensing others–to make a sort of sequel.

Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust by Charles Patterson

And I did not want to risk triggering those reflexes with a book that couldn’t stand up to scrutiny. Well, you know who else ate meat? Viewing Jews as animals made it easier for Nazis to do their job. And for those in power, it is not hard to keep their victims under conditions that resemble animal pens, that dehumanize, and invoke farm comparisons. Porters load baskets with dead birds and carry them off to parterson pluckers.

Eternal Treblinka traces an attitude, the work of a base will, that the Hitler era epitomized.