Daniel Howard Yergin (born February 6, ) is an American author, speaker, energy expert, and economic historian. Yergin is vice chairman of IHS Markit. Petrol by Daniel Yergin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Descripción: A study of the prophetic book of Daniel and its fulfillment in history, with special emphasis on the prophetic heritage which stands behind the.

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I think I would pdtrol with that assertion as well. Within the last week I took it out to see what he had to say about peak oil. In June,a Yergin interview reported this: I bring this up because I find it helpful to think about whats happening now vs this perfect world scenario.

Who’s next on the list? They xaniel as much. Views Read Edit View history. Based on year to date data, it appears that the top five are going to show back to back net export declines of about one mbpd per year in and If so, what does danile inflation look like and what does it imply. Possibly he was referring to the constant comments on TOD that we are “going back to the 70s”. Bushand Barack Obama.

Petrol : Daniel Yergin :

Joe Kernan took the opportunity to ask Yergin about the price of oil. Of course, if energy costs as much as its comparative value in human labor, we’ll be back in the stone age pretty quick. If it wasn’t for the geology, those ‘factors’ wouldn’t exist.


I’m reading his book The Prize and he clearly can be considered an expert on the oil industry.

I always find it interesting that people like Matt Simmons who are encouraging energy conservation are widely blamed by some critics for high oil prices, while some major oil companies, some major oil exporters and some energy analysts are–in effect–encouraging increased energy consumption.

Yergin’s history has 61 pages of notes and a bibliography of 26 pages that lists as sources not only books, articles, and dissertations, 60 government documents, 28 “data sources”, more than 34 manuscript collections, fifteen government archives, eight oral histories, and four oil company archives AmocoChevronGulfand Royal Dutch Shellbut also 80 personal interviews with key individuals like James Schlesinger and Armand Hammer.

A plateau is flat. They might not be in the accurate price prediction business. This is what I heard Yergin imply on Larry Kudlow’s program. Now someone should take on Tim Evans of Citigroup terrible predictions–no wonder that outfit is going broke and Peter Beutel of Cameron Hanover another great contra-indicator. The Organization for Media Accuracy Contact: Yergin remains vice chairman of IHS Markit.

NoLogos on January 11, – This is another group of clowns who relentlessly call for the price to fall.


And anyway, the west is no longer where it’s at in energy terms. Keeping tabs on that tendency has value.

The Quest: Energy, Security and the Remaking of the Modern World by Daniel Yergin – review

The New York TimesDecember 9, I like your chart with the “prediction arrows” vs. Not all price increases are a result of inflation. Text and slides available here: Once this is recognized, and it clearly already has been, geopolitics changes the situation from one of simply quantifying oil resevoir capacity, to something much more complex.

The Battle for the World Economy[11] written with Joseph Stanislawdescribed in narrative form the struggle over the “frontier” between governments and markets and the rise of globalization.

The incentive China has is political stability.

The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power – Wikipedia

Popular conspiracy theories for the Happy Motoring American public. This is a guest post by Glenn Morton, a geophysicist in the oil industry.

My wife only half believes me.