DENTOGINGIVAL UNITBy- Dr Rohit Rai Content • Junctional epithelium • Gingival fiber • Clinical importance of dentogingival unit. Shift of the dento gingival junction The dentogingival junction is an anatomical and functional interface between the gingiva and the tooth. PDF | This study define altered passive eruption (APE) and evaluate the morphology of the dentogingival unit. individuals subjected to.

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The PPRx allows us to measure discrepancy and the degree of overlap 4. This study sought to evaluate an innovative radiographic exploration technique – parallel profile radiography – for measuring the dimensions of the DGU on the labial dentlgingival of anterior teeth.

The mucogingival nuit is apical to the alveolar crest. Walter Reed Army Medical Center; Upper lip height was measured as the distance from the base of the nose to the lower margin of the lip, with an evaluation of the amount of gingival tissue exposed over the four upper incisors on smiling.

Therefore, the space between the bone crest and cementoenamel junction may already be determined from this pre-eruptive stage. Unfortunately, proper intrasulcular margin placement is often impossible because of the deep location of caries and previous overzealous tooth preparations. Biologic width measured with vernier caliper Click here to view.

Intrasulcular margin placement must be accepted as inevitable. The mean biologic width by trans-gingival probing was 1. At the dentogingival junction DGUthe presence of APE is associated to a thick bone crest and connective tissue attachment, with a long biological space.

Morphology and dimensions of the dentogingival unit in the altered passive eruption

It therefore seems inappropriate to use the term APE to indicate this anatomical situation when mechanisms as difficult to study as tooth eruption appear to be involved. Our own results support this idea. Value of mean biological width according to various studies Click here to view. Two radiographs were made using the long-cone parallel technique in ten individuals, one in frontal projection, while the second radiograph was a parallel profile radiograph obtained from a lateral position.


The degree of incisal attrition was found to be low especially in the teeth with APE: Tooth ynit comprises two phases 7: Xentogingival p-value obtained for both contrasts was under 0.

Healthy gingival tissue surrounding dental elements or dental restoration is part of structural beauty, and a protocol of treatment to maintain this state will be proposed in chapter Such space restrictions could be conditioned by the type of facial growth pattern involved, and which would ultimately regulate the vertical space relationship between the two basal maxillary and mandibular bones.

Published online May 1. Two subjective criteria were contemplated for the clinical diagnosis of APE: Parallel profile radiography PPRx was used to this effect 4. It describes the dimensions and relations of the different elements of the dentogingival unit.

The dentogingival unit The dentogingival unit is composed of two parts: A geometrical evaluation of image dentogjngival in dental radiography.

The edntogingival of the necessary clinical and technical steps to routinely construct restorations without damaging the healthy periodontium should give credit to those who advise dentogingivval margin placement of restoration.

7. Esthetic Management of the Dentogingival Unit | Pocket Dentistry

From the statistical point of view, our series of patients presents these two morphological patterns of APE. Related articles Dentogingival unit gingival thickness radiographs.

Dentogingival unit, gingival thickness, transgingival probing, radiographs. We are unable to find a good explanation why overbite was very significantly related to the presence of APE.

According to our results, the dimensions of the DGU elements associated to tooth 21 with APE are a thick bone crest and connective tissue attachment, a long biological space, and a short distance from cementoenamel dentogingiva, to bone crest. J Interdiscip Dentistry ;6: The dimensions of the human dentogingival junction.

Morphology and dimensions of the dentogingival unit in the altered passive eruption

The purpose of this division was to identify the variables related to APE and the particularities that may help differentiate the condition. The dimensions of human dentogingival junction. The precision of the technique was then evaluated by performing the radiographs in duplicate – each time completely dismounting and again mounting all the pieces of the paralleling system total: No significant differences were observed between the presence of tooth 21 with APE and the clinical variables age and sex, Unot molar and canine occlusion class, lip-nose distance and probe depth.


Compend Contin Educ Gen Dent ;1: However, even if this pathogenic hypothesis of APE were accepted, the literature fails to clarify the circumstances causing arrested tooth eruption and conditioning DGU morphology.

Radiographic assessment of marginal bone loss. Although the clinical relevance of determining the dimensions of DGU is obvious, there is no description in the literature of any simple, standardized, and noninvasive technique for the measurement of DGU in humans.

We thus raise the hypothesis that APE implies relative failure to fully complete tooth eruption, conditioned by two types of mechanisms:. Dimensions of the dentogingival unit in maxillary anterior teeth: Material and Methods A total of individuals participated in the study. Transgingival probing with rubber stop Click here to view.

Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent. The same impossibility can be stated regarding clinical situations exhibiting high located horizontal root fractures or endodontic perforation Figs and Drntogingival mean biologic width by the parallel profile radiography PPRx technique was 1.

In a healthy state, the gingival margin is uni located on the enamel and the junctional epithelium from the base of the sulcus to the CEJ, and the gingival fiber apparatus takes place between the osseous crest and the CEJ.

7. Esthetic Management of the Dentogingival Unit

Galgali SR, Gontiya G. Statistical analysis confirms two morphological patterns of APE. Received Oct 31; Accepted Mar A gummy smile is accepted in the literature as one of the manifestations most suggestive of APE 12 A nuit for measuring the wear of teeth.

Reproducibility of pocket depth and attachment level measurements using a flexible stent. Five inclusion criteria were defined: