Add a line continuation character (underscore: _) to indicate the line following To should be considered part of the same logical instruction. Printer = NewPrinter; port “Weekly Application Status Update”, acViewNormal; acReport, “Weekly Application. Using VBA, how do I export a report to PDF in Microsoft Access? ========= port “_Report1”, acViewPreview,, MyFilter.

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See our privacy sxve for further details. A string expression that’s the valid name of an object of the type selected by the objecttype argument. This email list is hosted at Mailchimp in the United States.

A powerful way to change from the design-time default behaviour is using the DocDmd. The content you requested has been removed.

There is only one thing that you must not forget to take care of. Replace formname and controlname on form with the name of the form and the control on the form that contains the value you want records in the report to match. Monday, February 23, OpenReportthe report will become visible but it will not re-query the data and will it still use the original criteria for filtering the data. My problem occurs when I print to the PDF.


I’m looking for a very simple solution here. Hope my question is clear. OpenReport -Method, the DoCmd.

Access – “Save as PDF” from VBA / automation

The obvious workarounds that come docmd.opennreport mind are usually one of the following: Luckily there is a very simple solution to the problem that is just not so obvious. I use 1 form for reports combined with a table.

While all these approaches work, I would rather not recommend to use any of them. In this case the report might display the wrong data set. However, with each of the above approaches there comes at least one downside. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Add a line continuation character underscore: Sa for your post. Build the SQL for the report at runtime and assign it dockd.openreport the report. If you try acViewNormal it’ll throw an error. The following example uses the Save method to save the form named New Employees Form.

Read about this change docmd.openeport our blog post. I had the same problem as you. The form has a listbox with names from reports list of telephones, list of members, An elegant, yet very easy to implement, solution and it requires only 2 additional lines of code.


PDF output command has a problem, though; it can’t provide filtering by itself. There are rules that need to be checked and preserved, hence the saving of the record. Taking all this into account, our procedure to export a filtered report to PDF could look like this: Wednesday, January 27, 4: These properties concern the way data are dlcmd.openreport, possible filters, how it can be used to enter of edit data etcetera.

Access: Export report to PDF using VBA

This small change made it work! I’ve created a duplicate of the review form with the criteria of on open to pull the last record.

However, HelpFile for that function says you’ll need to state the object type and leave the ObjectName field blank if you want to print the active object that’s why I’ve got to open the form on preview mode and then close it.

It prints ALL records in the associated table, not just the “current” or last.