RUSSKA is a mighty novel that spans years of Russia’s history, people and culture from the days of the princes and tsars to the revolution and present. A well-written, episodic, dense, at times infuriatingly complex historical saga of Russia by the author of the similarly massive Sarum, which. With his second sprawling historical novel, Rutherfurd moves from his hometown Russka. Edward Rutherfurd, Author, Betty Prashker, Editor Crown Publishing.

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This novel is the sto I was a bit disappointed with this book. Through the intricacies of marriage, accidents of birth, and other twists and turns of fate, the ancestors and descendants of these proud people move from one century to the next, turning up as warring Alans, barbarous Tatars, bloodthirsty Cossacks, and eventually the more familiar Socialists, Bolsheviks, and Marxists. For instance, we’re told that one character is “shrewd,” and everything he says is said “shrewdly”; also, Rutherfurd has a tendency to interpret events and make announcements like, “What happened next was her fault.

And although the book is light on action despite Russia’s numerous wars, at times it’s still hard to put down. Aug 09, M. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. And I avoid short-story compilations religiously, so that’s saying something. Some incredibly memorable scenes. This book is so great. And I can think of noone better to bring it to fruition than Edward Rutherfurd. But, she smiled, it seems to me he has a warm heart. Ruska je knjiga u dva toma, svaka glava je jedan roman.

His descriptions of battles, political machinations and daily life are equally exciting.

Tras haber llegado al final, siento que no ha merecido la pena en absoluto el esfuerzo, y que Rutherfurd resulta un autor pueril, al que desde luego tengo pocas ganas de volver a leer. Early part has a different feel — not about events but how Russia appears ruthherfurd the world changes around them. Each chapter is a set in a different time period; familiarity is exercised through the descendants of those in the previous chapters so continuity is maintained through the ongoing feuds, marriages, business partnerships etc.


It is better as educational fiction; few ruszka in the west have a level of understanding of Russian history that is deserving of its colourful past and that is the strength of this book. View all posts by MG Mason Creative. The birth of Russia through the eyes of a young woman of mixed parentage.

Anyone who loves extensive novellas, long family histories and eastern european cultures. Reading the 11th century chapter, I felt my heart begin to sink.

The Novel of England” and this novel, “Russka” had rugherfurd good reviews as well, so I gave it a try. Power shifts from family to family over the centuries; that they remain tied to one another for so long, and that they are largely unaware of those ties is an enjoyable aspect rutherfurx the reader, of course, knows all about them. However, if you are looking for a good story, this book is not for you. It peaked an interest that might never have been found otherwise.

Russka: The Novel of Russia by Edward Rutherfurd

But it really works. I am 5 chapters into it and I get the feeling edwarv I will russk it soon. I loved this book! The narrative begins in the pre-historic era prior to Kiev and spans the Kievan Rus, the Mongol period, the era of Ivan the Terrible and the Romanov period.

A difficult section to read due to the unpleasant relationship she has with her father after her brother is taken and her mother killed by Tatars. The whole gigantic continent — the world itself as far as he knew — was softly melting, snow, earth and air, an eternal process caught, for a moment, in this shining stasis. But there is no cohesive story.

Book Review: Russka by Edward Rutherfurd – Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink

I forgave the author stereotypic nonsense about “Turkish face” and concentrated on parts and sub-plots which were truly good. Refresh and try again. While on the bank, the last red light from the huge sky eerily caught the stands of bare larch and birch so that it appeared as if whole armies with massed lances were waiting by the riverbank to greet them.

I loved every minute of it and lived with the figures in the novel-wept ,rejoiced and feared for them. I learned a rsuska that I didn’t know happened during the feudal age. Overall, the majority of this book was too middle of the road, too plodding to be truly enjoyable or to truly absorb yourself into the prose. Sometimes he’ll regress into his description of a character or a place, giving the reader a store of background information, and this description can go on for several pages before he edwward you back.


We even get to experience trench warfare as Germany attacks Russia in The answer to Russia’s problems lies here, in Russia.

See more book reviews, discussions and fiction writing at my blog I was pleased to feel more engaged with the story of Yanka in We follow the journey of edwqrd young boy as he grows up seeking to enter into a religious life.

If you like this post, please share it: What is clear is that revolution had a few false starts in this period, various uprisings within Ukraine and Russia from various factions that were suppressed or petered out and finally find success in the fateful Any writer has personal tics that are bound to annoy you after awhile.

Nor are those characters are particularly likeable. I recommend this book with little reservations. The collapse of the Soviet union and the heroic stand by the people of Moscow against the failed Stalinist coup would have enriched and completed the account. How he loved, not only his wife, but all things. A difficult section to read due to the unpleasant relationship she has with her father after her brother is taken and her mother killed by Tatars.

But, the stories told in Russka seemed TOO far removed from the significant historic events, and there are huge sections of time that are just skipped over. Besides telling an engrossing story Characters I loved and hated.

It has the same feel as Sarum, of edqard, but it is a little harder for me to get into. This is a book to read again to capture the many historic details.