Libro del desasosiego has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Livro do Desassossego = The Book of Disquiet, Fernando PessoaThe Book of Disquie . Atribuida por su autor a Bernardo Soares, «personalidad literaria» de quien dijo Pessoa «soy yo menos el raciocinio y la afectividad», esta maravilla es el. Find great deals for Libro Del Desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (Hardcover). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Libro del desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (4 star ratings)

This was recommended to me by a friend of mine, Chicago bizarro author David David Katzman, specifically because of the growing influence libor apparently having these days on all lovers of the surreal; because for fenrando who don’t know, Fernando Pessoa was sort of the Portuguese version of Franz Kafka, a white-collar worker in Lisbon during the Early Modernist era of the s through ’30s, who barely published anything during his own lifetime but left behind over 25, pages of brilliantly obtuse work after his death.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Discussion — The Book of Disquiet — Book as a whole. Update April 6th I’ve at long last got to the end of this one. I also wrote a story that I placed in comment 1 in the thread. Even if it’s serious, it would be ironic if only sad or self-pitying readers related to or enjoyed this work. He said that this book was the best he read last year. There are parties out there who have celebrated this man and his work, but I cannot feel this same degree of excitement.

Mind you, Pessoa acknowledged that Soares most resembled his true self [ “me minus reason and affectivity” ], to the extent there might only have been one. View all 7 comments. It is the story of his life, which was very little but intellectual. The creation of something complete and whole, be it good or bad–and it’s never entirely good, it’s very often not all bad–yes, the creation of something complete seems to stir in me above all a feeling of envy.

What is the reason for this difference in page number? Trivia About The Book of Disqu How did Pessoa break me? Want to Read saving…. These are also the same folks that invented the siesta, as a way to help make the typical, grueling work pessoaa more manageable by adding a nice nap right in the middle after a few slugs from a jug of wine, no less.


Libro del desasosiego

The sequence in which the fragments have been ordered presumably, from a selection is actually a triumph of sympathetic editing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

He does nothing all day, every day, except gaze upon his navellike an overbloated narcissistic hypochondriac, and bleats about it like a little girl. Not to mention, my edition New Direction’s Complete Edition is absolutely gorgeous. Though my biggest problem with this book, and the reason why I didn’t go googily-eyed over it, was that the writing was all there was.

I just couldn’t do it. Change or the lack there of.

And student of mankind, who is remarkably good, considering how little he interacts. The idea dewasosiego novel. The fragments which make up this review are generally considered to be complete and all-inclusive only a first few are presented belowalthough, naturally, there is still debate as to whether or not all entries were ultimately intended for this review or not.

An example and there are plenty: However, here, the work as a whole in whatever version has been assembled by a team of experts and editors from a trunk full of hundreds or thousands of fragments. Banality, the desasodiego of existence.

The rest, the remainder–being what wasn’t in his lone book or the sections occasionally tossed out to the public via easily discarded folios–was written almost in secret and kept in a trunk which was not discovered until after Fernando’s death. Fragments from under the Floorboards Both versions of the work have been presented to the reader as if it was a novel.

View all 14 comments. It could equally have been organised a different way. Not even the most desperate dissertation could convince me such a place is discernable. Taken at face value, the book itself, described as doing for Lisbon what Joyce did for Dublin, is merely a collection of insular observations about random things. What the fcuk is that? Soares lives a life only in his mind and in his daydreams.


Libro Del Desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (Hardcover)

I can’t flip through a hundred pages of poetry. Reprinted pessox the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter. Difficult to read but worth the effort. Soares uses common, everyday events and observations — and indeed, it is hard to imagine a character more common and everyday than Soares — to reflect and write on a myriad of subjects, pessoq life, art, literature, writing, religion, politics, history, social relationships — the list could go on and on.

He is irritated with his existence. What I realise is that I much prefer the concept of Pessoa, and his ideas and his life, to the reality of actually reading his works. Thanks to my brother Joselito for highly recommending this book to me.

Still, this is a great psychological study, to my mind. I concern myself only with myself. In order not to demean ourselves in our own eyes, it is enough that we should become accustomed to harbouring no ambitions, passions, desires, hopes, impulses or feelings of restlessness. Most of these fragments are narrated by Bernardo Soares, a bookkeeper living in Lisbon and who was also one of his heteronyms.

If indeed there is a difference in the amount of text, I imagine that much of it might have replicated what was included in the original version. Yes, the first pages captures your fancy, but the rest of the book is just a show and tell about some project you know you did well on but you want to make it clear on how good it is.

I just got sick of reading about the author’s view of himself as being, essentially, the coolest person in the world because he took an interest in nothing excepting art – though I found his definition of art so pesso as to subvert his own arguments, if they can be called that, about aesthetics.

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