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Reading this is like finding Cornell Woolrich had jortal lesser known brother. However, there’s still more than enough great stuff here to make it well worth reading.

If you like noir, I highly recommend it, especially if you’re interested in the history of it and how its elements came to be; Bardin is an important part of the psychological side of the noir equation, and this book seems to be a fine example of his style This started off exceptionally strong, with a very bizarre premise which was handled in a logical, clinical tone fittingly, as the protagonist was a psychiatrist.

Nov eel, Brian rated it liked it. The mystery is intriguing and the hero’s journey to the truth is certainly an unusual and painful one. And in the midst of the bar emerges an actual dwarf percherron introduces himself as mortaal American Leprechaun.

In the real world. The narrator has amnesia, and that’s fine as a literary device—but having him suddenly remember the truth psrcheron things four times over the course of this book, and using that as the primary driver of the mystery, was a little sloppy.

This is copy 31 of signed numbered copies. Un giallo psicologico ante litteram, dove lo psichiatra diventa vittima dei suoi stessi incubi.

I enjoyed this book, but I think it shows its age. Bardin is Woolrich mprtal steroids. Published December 1st by Millipede Press first published Another percherln sat more stiffly beside her–a small, neat, childlike creature with soft-brown curls and an open, innocent look in her blue eyes.


Paperbackpages. May 05, Ana rated it liked it Shelves: Bardin never suggests otherwise. To his horror, they inform him Dr.

Highly recommended for noi This is an incredible novel and one I wouldn’t have heard of but for the Pocket Essentials book on Noir Fiction. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Aug 20, Brent Hayward rated it liked it.

The Deadly Percheron

For most of the novel I was unsure as to whether George Matthews or John Brown was an entirely reliable narrator, but that was fully resolved in the end. Seldom will you find a mystery so intriguing and satisfying.

Deciding to find out what the hell is going pdrcheron, Matthews accepts Blunt into his care.

This is not something that happens on a regular basis in Jul 05, Frank rated it liked it. Of course, any reasonable person will just presume he is a small person running some kind of scam, or he could be a wealthy, certifiably insane munchkin.

To help Blunt, Dr. I completely devoured this book and now I want to find more by the same author. Matthews wakes up in a hospital to find his face disfigured and the staff calling him John Brown. However, the man they produce as Jacob Blunt isn’t the same man who came to see the psychiatrist.

Se trata de una lectura absorbente como pocas, de esas de las que no te puedes separar.

Un perchwron libro rinforza l’atte Incubi della mente o omicidi reali? It was an old scar that had knit badly and in healing had pulled and twisted the skin until the face it rode had the texture of coarse parchment and grimace of a clown. The reader is given the sequence of events almost in reverse order.


Jacob Blunt has been found drunk at the location. He goes there and a woman is killed.

El percheron mortal / The Deadly Percheron

While there are clues throughout the story I didn’t guess the murderer. Mar 09, Rhys rated it really liked it. InBardin entered a period of intense creativity during which he wrote three crime novels that were dl unsuccessful at first, one of them not even being published in America until the late s, but which have since become well-regarded cult novels. Imagine one mortao those s screwball comedies with the crazy situations, but substitute malevolence for humor. Highly recommended for noir fans.

El percheron mortal / The Deadly Percheron : John Franklin Bardin :

And he’s got one ready for Jacob to deliver right now, to Broadway actress Frances Raye, star of the musical Nevada! A fast read, typical noir, feels a bit dated and at times contrived, but not bad, like watching an old movie. Definitely odd, with bizarre circumstances and characters, written in a stylized tone familiar to anyone who has seen old films — mrtal problem is with all of the unnecessary details meant to keep the reader from discovering who the murderer is.

For its influence on the movie “Mona Lisa. Her hair was long, loose, in lovely disarray. May 13, Dergrossest rated it really liked it. Clever story about a psychiatrist who is catfight up in a series of murders.

Open Preview See a Problem? There are no white rabbits in the book but it turned out to be quite a find all the same.