Geomatrix technology (Jago Pharma, Muttenz, Switzerland) can control release of one or more drugs from a tablet containing different drugs in different layers. Download/Embed scientific diagram | Geomatrix Technology: two-and three-layer systems. from publication: Development of Controlled Release Three-layered. Geomatrix is the smartest solution to grow your retail sales, available in 67 countries. We integrate best official data and technologies in a single platform.

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Geomatrix predictive analytics | Geomatrix, the smartest solution to grow your retail business

The impact of the hole size and drug solubility on drug release was also investigated. An indented core tablet strategy for preparing monolithic osmotic pumps was developed by Longxiao and co-workers. Three different types of matrices were formulated. Effect of drug solubility on polymer hydration and drug dissolution from polyethylene oxide PEO matrix tablets. The tablets were composed of PEO and had a diameter of 12 mm.

It was discovered that by increasing the weight of the barrier layers from 50 mg to mg it resulted in a more effective retardation of drug release, thus it was concluded that by manipulating the weight and thickness of the outer layers as shown in Table 2 a desirable drug release profile of individual drugs may be achieved, thus complementing their pharmacokinetic behavior [ 69 ].

An investigation by Streubel and co-workers looked at bimodal drug release from multilayered matrix tablets. This review discusses the novel altered geometric system technologies that have been developed to provide controlled drug release, also focusing on polymers that have been employed in such developments.


Table 2 provides the summary of the polymers influencing the behavior and release characteristics of multilayered tablets. Multilayered Osmotic Devices An indented core tablet strategy for preparing monolithic osmotic pumps was developed by Longxiao and co-workers. With the intuitive selection of polymers and the appropriate employment of geometric principles, multilayered tablets may emerge as the future benchmark for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Technologies developed to date include among others: Procedures to fabricate reproducible delivery systems and control release kinetics.

Various according to arrangement of modules e. Different layers in the tablet with different swelling, gelling, and erosion behaviors can provide separate techonlogy release modes http: A summary of various technologies that utilize geometric factors in drug delivery is provided in Table 3. Compressed mini-tablet as a biphasic delivery system.

Theophylline was used as the model drug. This review thus discusses the application of altered geometric technology and its role in controlled oral drug delivery, focusing primarily on the types of polymers that have been employed in developing geometrically modified systems, the interplay of system geometry and polymeric selection ultimately contributing to the type of drug release patterns that are attained.

An approach to oral controlled drug delivery via gastric retention. However, other factors also need to be controlled in order to achieve techno,ogy drug release. Streubel and co-workers developed multilayered matrix tablets that could achieve bimodal drug release rates.

Geomatrix: one or two layers oral drug delivery platform technology

Further research that focuses on the use of novel specialized polymers that are competent in providing zero-order drug release is necessary. Dissolution studies tschnology the ability of the matrices to achieve floatation in pH 2 and pH 6.

Preparation of monolithic osmotic pump system by coating the indented core tablet.


Importance of drug type, tablet shape and added diluents on drug geomatrid kinetics from hydroxypropylmethylcellulose matrix twchnology. A flexible technology for modified release of drugs: The release rate from these formulations enabled a twice daily administration of the delivery system [ 92 ].

This caused an increase in the diffusion path length for the drug and the drug release rate was therefore reduced. Hydrophilic polymers were employed as drug core matrices due to their swelling ability [ 73 — 76 ].

They provide a once-daily pulsed profile that offers the patient efficacy throughout the day negating the need for taking the dose during working hours unlike the twice-daily dosing of the conventional immediate release tablet [ 71 ]. Royal Bank of Canada.

Oral Drug Delivery Systems Comprising Altered Geometric Configurations for Controlled Drug Delivery

It has been elucidated that geometrically altered drug delivery systems, especially multilayered tablets, have provided various advantages to drug delivery technology. A novel colonic drug delivery system of ibuprofen. These include increased patient compliance [ 78 ], selective pharmacological action; reduced side-effect profile and reduced dosing frequency [ 9 ].

A bilayered tablet for the delivery of propranolol hydrochloride was developed by Patra and co-workers. In the past, polymers that were mainly employed for such purposes were the hydropolymers [ 40 ], while currently polymers investigated range from swollen and non-swollen [ 4051 ], porous and non-porous [ 52 — 54 ] to erodible or non-erodible polymers [ 555 ]. We believe in nurturing a customer-centric ethos.