Ghostwalk contains everything needed to run a stand-alone campaign in and around the city of Manifest, or to integrate it into an existing world, including rules . Ghostwalk is setting and rules book written by Monte Cook and I in The long-awaited update that brings the book up to D&D and includes the map of . I bought Ghostwalk when it came out and fell in love, but I’ve never been able to convince any of my gaming groups to let me run it and.

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I like the concept, reminds me of a book I once read. Originally Posted by Fax Celestis.


Read more Read less. Wizards of the Coast.

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Originally known as Inuitea, it was conquered by Orcusthe demon prince of the Undead and the setting’s greatest villain. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers.

Overall, I would recommend this book as being worth at least a once-over to the curious. For most of my gaming experience 1E, 2E, 3E and soon 3. It really does need some more notice and love. Explore the Home Gift Guide. This includes art commissions, modules, maps, podcasts, streams, etc, whether you are charging for them or not. Whether currently living or dead, residents and visitors are assured of an eternity of action and intrigue.


Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom. How efficient is ghostwalk to use as a campaign book? Views Page Discussion Edit History. Xaphan was once a human kingdom set on a small archipelago just off the coast of the Hikirian Peninsula. Ghostwalk was too out-there for a Dnd setting to really be popular. A Bunch of my stuff I have gathered and created for 5e.

That coupled with the rule that ghosts can’t take non-ghosty classes makes them ghostwaalk unplayable. In the immediate surroundings of vhostwalk city of Manifest, the ghosts of the dead may cross the barrier into the land of the living and interact with their loved ones as translucent beings forged of ectoplasm, their ghost bodies marked by whatever injuries killed them and often driven by some craving for some aspect of gnostwalk living world, such as music or food.

Last edited by Nihilarian; at May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Within the city’s boundaries, they are able to manifest as corporeal entities made out of ectoplasm, able to interact with the world in a shadow of their mortal lives. Having said all that; keep trying. Filters It is recommended that you go into your preferences and increase your displayed links to Wizards of the Coast June 1, Language: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

The path to the Ghoshwalk is the titular Ghostwalk.

DnD submitted 3 years ago by Xenosbane DM. Why no love for Ghostwalk? Please help improve it fhostwalk discuss these issues on the talk page. Log in or sign up in seconds. This section is empty. The one danger in exploring the other side of death as a ghost is the Calling, an unshakable urge that overcomes ghosts at some point in their unlife that drives them to forsake the world and pass into the True Afterlife.


Below these are vast natural caverns and tunnels that increase in size and complexity surrounding the Veil of Souls. You couldn’t simply add a ghost ghlstwalk to an existing game – you really needed to start a new game to use the options in the book.

Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. It used to be that the standard procedure was to either roll up a new character or hoof it to the nearest source of resurrection magic.

Any time ghostaalk intend to post any promotion, message the mods ahead of time. This resolves a lot of questions.

Ghostwalk – D&D Wiki

It came out late in the 3e era; after most people had either settled in to long-running campaigns or had moved on from DnD v&d particular to other rpgs. Home of user-generated, homebrew pages!

Yeah, according to Sean K Reynolds it was the very last book published for 3. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? It wasn’t out when I first started playing and now that I’m dm for my first group in ten years I have a ton to catch up on.

Reynolds, Ghostwalk adds some interesting new concepts ghostwakl classes to the standard Third Edition roster, while complicating things by allowing the transfer of levels between ghost and living states of being.