The Hicom E PBX system, the new family of systems with professional phone system for small and medium enterprises. The system supports ISDN and. responsibility for errors or omissions contained herein. Configuration Note – Ver C (03/01). Siemens Hicom E/E. & Office. Enhanced DTMF In-Band. Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom Hicom , Hicom , Hicom , Hicom E. Hicom E OfficePoint.

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Press “F7” in the main menu to terminate remote administration. Barred hico list 5, 10 items Barred numbers list 6, 10 items Total active exts.

It can be changed to any value up to During a thunderstorm, you should not connect or remove telephone lines and PCB boards. A new file is automatically created, “konvert.

Dialling Into The Cn Page 81 Resetting a call Although a call is signalled, the called extension can seize nicom line without answering the first call.

Outgoing Trunk Traffic Call keys virtual line keys Line seizure, automatic Via trunk group and overflow trunk group Dial pause With analogue trunk programmable Project code Max. The following values are possible: Hixom 6 shows how it can be set that all numbers beginning with the digits ” Call Management cm Figure Motherboard Interfaces as Of Sw 2.


Switchboard, Brand: SIEMENS, Type: Hicom E – Auctionista

Page Outgoing trunk traffic Pin assignment of the V. Up to 4 entrance telephones can be connected.

Battery For Ups2 Display language for ext. System Extension Number Requirement: Select transferred party Display: Call Charges – Call Detail Recording Resetting Active Individual Code Lock Page Disable time, select sensor 1—4 and enter 0— Sensor name, select sensor 1—4, enter alphanumeric names max. A special password must be entered in order to modify an option that is connected and recognized.

Plug in and secure screw Plug in Function expansions Figure Hicom structural concept Slots 1 to 4 for system extensions: The following sequence is recommended when putting the Caracas Desk into operation: Regardless of where you are within the company, hiom extension and telephone numbers are always the same.

The system activates analogue ports only after seizure. All Traffic Modes Page Any digit string max. Do not allow readily flammable materials to be stored near the installation or in the installation room.

Power supplies for Siemens Hicom 100E (108/112/118)

Page – Reference hicim Page – Normal extensions Page – Reference extensions Page – Normal extensions Page – Dialling signal transmission mode as of Load the current extension numbers to Caracas Desk via the “Settings”, “Basic settings”, “Load customer data” menus.


Call Forwarding Times Confirm input for list Examples Of Corporate Networks Page Voicemail group, for example, the box responds in the same way as it would for a direct station call retrieve messages from box. Converting From Sw 2. Page 22 Do not allow readily flammable materials to be stored near the installation or in the installation room. Table Of Contents 8. Enter text from picture: Page 30 Plug in and secure screw The call numbers can be input in any sequence.

Reset PIN for ext.

Table Hifom Contents Codes for accessing services As far as I remember it is a Hicom ? Intercept Console At Night The following programming procedures should be performed step by step.

Page Trunk access for extensions with active code locks can be set for the entire system as of SW version 2. This contains the customer programming on the SW 2.

Hicom E (//) :: Briescom

Figure Motherboard Interfaces as Of Sw 2. Call Forwarding Times Eb Expansion Module Call management CM 6. Defining Intercept, Incomplete Ddi Number