In Imperialism and Global Political Economy Alex Callinicos intervenes in one of the main political and intellectual debates of the day. Imperialism and Global Political Economy, Polity Press: Cambridge,. capitalist heartland, this book by Alex Callinicos could hardly have arrived in a more. Book review: Alex Callinicos Imperialism and Global Political Economy, Polity Press: Cambridge, ; pp: , £ (pbk). Show all authors.

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Imperialism, he concludes, is far from dead. Their narrative of post-war capitalism gives primacy to a single actor — the American state — that is able to shape and then reshape the world as its informal empire relatively unconstrained — both because of its power relative to other actors and because of the power of states and capitalist classes collectively to determine the fate of the world economy.

Despite numerous announcements of a new dawn, most recently at the elections in Januarythe US is confronted with the opposition of a large majority of the Iraqi people to its presence, and with the armed resistance of a determined and well-rooted minority.

Moreover, it is important to understand that, whatever is eccentric, aberrant, or disputed about the neocon worldview relative to the broader US national security elite, it is not this concern with addressing the problem of potential peer competitors. Nikos Loudos rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Callinicos explores these questions in politicak wide-ranging book.

Anton rated it it was ok Apr 06, Moreover, the idea of a return poltiical the Great Power rivalries of —while as I argue below containing an important element of truth, stated baldly implied a simple repetition of earlier historical patterns without taking into account the effects of the concrete forms taken by economic and geopolitical competition in the intervening Cold War era.

But is this belief true, and what does ‘imperialism’ mean? Want to Read saving…. But the role, already noted, that Asian central banks now play in lolitical the deficit highlights the role of more political or more political-economic considerations in this policy — for example, avoiding the dependence on foreign capital that had such a devastating impact during the crisis of —98 and keeping Asian currencies at a competitive level against the dollar and thereby permitting the maintenance of imperizlism high-export economic model on which East Asian capitalism is based.

Callinicos, Making History 2nd edn, Leidenpp. His treatment is superior to that offered by Panitch imperialisk Gindin because he presents the economic and financial crisis of the s and the end of the Cold War as moments of discontinuity that threatened US hegemony and stresses that actual or potential rivalry from Europe and Japan is an important dimension of both these challenges.



In the first part, he critically assesses the classical theories of imperialism developed in the era of the First World War by Marxists such as Lenin, Luxemburg, and Bukharin and by the Liberal economist J. Reading Alex Callinicos’ Imperialism as the West once again began to bomb Iraq for the third time and in the aftermath of a summer of Israeli assault on Palestine, I was struck by the clarity and importance of the Marxist analysis of Imperialism.

Very much looking forward to reading the debates between Callinicos and Chris Harman about the former’s support of Althusser, and also the latter’s critique of this book.

Doyle, Empires Ithaca NY,p. But, once again, it is hardly news. Brenner, The Capitalist Economy, — Marxist Perspectivesas above. The difficulty with this line of argument is that it says nothing at all about calinicos strategic thinking behind the Iraq war. Running through these errors is a failure to appreciate the importance in conceptualising imperialism as a proper understanding of:.

Sep 22, Martin Empson rated it really liked it. Harvey, as the passage cited at the start of this paper makes very clear, conceives the relationship between the logics of territorial and capitalist power as a dialectical one in which the two potentially contradict one another.

Imperialism and Global Political Economy – Alex Callinicos – Google Books

See the critical responses collected in G. Callinicos, Marxism and Global Governancein D. But the fact that the US-dominated space did not fragment does not mean that serious tensions do not exist within it, or that maintaining it intact does not require continuing and contested effort on the part of the American state.

Let us return to the issue of inter-imperialist rivalries. While of long standing and indeed partially related to the first processthese tendencies were reinforced by the collapse of the Cold War partition of the world in —91, which removed the most obvious rationale for the system of alliances that had knitted together advanced capitalism under US hegemony.

No one is better qualified for this task than Alex Callinicos.

For discussion of related issues, adn A. In consequence, an increasingly integrated world economy becomes the arena for competition pllitical capitals that tends now to take the form of geopolitical conflict among states. Imperialism and Global Political Economy. Max rated it it was amazing Apr 18, Personally I find it more economical, however, to take this material at face value, and to treat it as evidence of poliitcal very long-standing preoccupation of US grand strategy to prevent the emergence of a hostile Great Power or coalition on the Eurasian landmass.

This article was originally delivered as a paper at the conference on Korean Economy: It would be easier to believe that it could if the inflow of capital financing the deficit were attracted by higher profits than are obtainable elsewhere: Calinicos Burton rated it it was amazing Apr 11, Panitch and Gindin are also dismissive of the increasingly important role played by the central banks of China and other East Asian states in financing the US fiscal and trade deficits: Copied with thanks from the International Socialism Politixal.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books imlerialism want to read. One consequence of this arrangement was that capital and commodities flowed with growing freedom within this space, to the benefit, again as Panitch and Gindin show, of US banks and transnational corporations.

Simultaneously China has also become a lightning-rod for geopolitical tensions, has supplanted Japan as the main object of protectionist agitation in the US, and has been identified by the Pentagon and the CIA as the Great Power with which America is most likely to go to war. Imperialism, he concludes, is far from dead. Polktical century or two earlier these two competitive logics had been distinct, rooted in different modes of production: In the first part, he critically assesses the classical theories of imperialism developed in the era of the First World War by Marxists such as Lenin, Luxemburg, and Bukharin and by the Liberal economist J.

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Imperialism and Global Political Economy

This is a wide-ranging study imperiqlism the classical theories of imperialism and its meaning alsx the contemporary world The author is one of the leading radical thinkers in the world today and has a large following Callinicos outlines a distinctive theory of the relationship between capitalism as an economic system and the international state system, in contrast to existing thought on the subject This dallinicos new title will appeal those studying politics, political theory and the history of politics and philosophy.

But this is a non sequitur that confuses genesis and structure: And such a theory needs to comprise not only inter-imperial rivalry, and the conjunctural predominance of one imperial state, but also the structural penetration of former rivals by one imperial state GCAEpp. Lists with This Book. Nathan Renault rated it really liked it Sep 14, Ferguson, Colossus Londonp.

Imperialism and global political economy

The Cheney theory implies that the US could easily continue a trade deficit that, on current trends, will rise from 6 percent to 10 percent of GDP by the start of the next decade. The case of Japan underlines the importance of not reducing geopolitical to economic relations. Now, Marx famously imperialis that if essence and appearance coincided then science would be superfluous.