AITISI-IPEFTHINI DILOSI BY THE INTERESTED PERSON (Απαραίτητο έγγραφο) ; Artificial Insemination Technicians Certificate; Curriculum vitae; In the cases of. Personal Statement using the Law Form (Ipefthini dilosi) stating in Greek: I have nothing to declare more than the goods shown on the. have a place to stay upon re- lease. Your friend or relative has to sign a specific document called “ipefthini dilosi” (So- lemn Declaration) where he states that he.

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However, re-registration of the vehicles’ plates will be needed but this takes place within months after the importation date of the ipefthkni in Piraeus port. Description The established laboratories for cutting and standardization of meat dilisi premises used for boning and meat cutting. We are the international movers residents and businesses have come to rely on for seamless overseas relocations.

The permission for establishment is communicated by the Directorate of Rural Development and Veterinary of the competent Dliosi Unity to the Directorate of Veterinary for Public Health of the MRDF and to the business with a receipt Granting of license for operation After the granting of operation license and the completion of the establishment construction including its equipment, an application is submitted by the interested person for the granting of the license accompanied by the final layout of the establishments.

Up to 10 days after the receipt of the request and any necessary documents to the competent service for the issue of the final act time commits the Agency issuing the final act Cost: Freight Containers No matter what size container you need, we can manage your international shipment from port-to-port to final inspection.

We cannot determine the costs for diposi.


Greece – Returning Citizen

The license given to the stock breeder-inseminator gives him the right to perform artificial insemination inclusively to animals belonging to his own farm. Ipefthin 10, Moves From Departure to Destination! International Relocation Experts Are you planning to move overseas? Climate-Controlled Secure Storage Facility.

Customs Information

The artificial insemination and the eustrus synchronization as well as the embryos transfer is carried out by authorized inseminators in breeding animals in order to enhance the genetic material leading to increased efficiency of animal milk and meat and their protection from infectious diseases during the breeding process. However note that this procedure might take some time. Eliminate the stress of having to pack for your BIG move overseas when you hire Earth Relocation movers.

Duties vary according to make, model and length of time car owned. Motor vehicle needs to be insured when arrives in Piraeus port and insurance certificate which should be valued in Greece needs to be shown to the customs authorities otherwise vehicle will be insured upon arrival at port for 30 days.

Are you planning to move domestically or internationally? Then the Vice Regional Governor issue his decision.

A tripartite committee set up under the decision of the Vice-Regional Governor and after checking all the data and supporting documents, consults and recommends the Vice-Regional Governor the licensing Step 4: The beneficiary appears at the Offices of the Directorates of Rural Economy and Veterinary of the Regional unity where the headquarter of the company is located, fills an application and submits all the necessary supporting documents.

Greek Repatriates – returning citizens must personally attend clearance of motor vehicles and pick up motor vehicles from port by them selves.

We Do It All. Thus they contribute decisively to the improvement and modernization of meat hygiene and technology sector, protection of Public health and environment.


After completing training and relevant examination they obtain the certificate to perform artificial insemination in breeding animals.

Lead Air Cargo Moving Service. The diolsi of the Directorate of Rural Economy and Veterinary of the competent Regional unities, receives the application together with the accompanied documents and carries out a check of them Step 3: For shipments with final destination in Crete Island customers will need to provide to the customs authorities the original house purchase contract or rental agreement.

For shipments with final destination in Crete Island customers will need to provide to the customs authorities the original house purchase contract or rental agreement.

Personal effects and household goods are generally duty-free except of electronics or high value items. Ocean Freight Shipping Management. Personal effects and household goods are generally duty-free except of electronics or high value items.

International Moving Company – NYC International Relocation Movers

Get Estimate Are you planning to move overseas? Detailed Inventory list made by the Allied office at origin. Certificate authenticity of the signature is essential for this document. We recommend contacting our ippefthini for more information.

The Veterinarians of our country or abroad, can be authorized to perform an artificial insemination by the competent veterinary service without any special training. Save on Shipping Overseas with Earth Relocation!

Then all the supporting documents are checked.

Air Freight We can ship and track your belongings to the mile to over countries. Related Services Certificate on establishment of an S. Certificate of Repatriation allows a Customer to bring goods into Greece duty-free.