«El vicio divierte y la virtud cansa», afirma Juliette, la protagonista de esta obra que el marqués de Sade publicó en (y fue inútilmente prohibida). En ella. Adaptación cinematográfica de la gran obra del Marqués de Sade. Justine (una bella adolescente) recurre a todos los estamentos sociales. Julieta [Marques de Sade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. edicion , paginas, tapa blanda, en buen estado.

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I recommend a brief familiarity with his biography and political marqkes, and probably reading his Philosophy in the Bedroom, before reading Juliette. The orgies and discourses go a step further each time until, finally, all hell breaks loose and the discourse becomes loftier in order to justify more grotesque horrors.

De Sade’s immense novel of explicit debauchery. She can be swayed by her emotion, and while evil, is not the most libertine of libertines. I did’t particularly like the parts of abuse, shit eating, piss drinking and human flesh eating, and even after the first half I still got disgusted, and until the end I was disgusted.

That said, the language and histrionics are not gratuitous provided the reader isn’t prudish and retains and open mind. Other books in the series. An absolutely stunning work.

Mar 28, Antonella rated it really liked it. I believe that the way to better criticize the society, was to make some eat shit and always be sodomized as a little lamb, or julietta a preverted crazy person.

Certainly gave me new perspectives and for that – I give it 5 stars.

Juliette o las prosperidades del vicio

Honestly, there’s not much to say beyond the following pattern: I personally recommend you to read a complete version of this indisputable classic. The man, Monsieur de Noirseuil, in the interest of revenge, pretended to be his friend, made sure he became bankrupt and eventually poisoned him, leaving the girls orphans. As in, look what happens if all moral rules are foresaken and pleasure is the only god. To ask other readers questions about Julietteplease sign up.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Juliette is to Justine what Ada is to Lolita: All religions are discriminatory towards womans. It’s only pages long, so I’m wondering, is it worth my while to actually get a hold of a copy of the unabridged version?

If Sade is a religion, this is its bible. In her search for work and shelter Justine constantly fell into the hands of rogues who would ravish and torture her and the people she makes friends with.

It’s hard to read about the suffering of the lower classes from a Man who was Not of those classes. His works include novels, short stories, plays, dialogues, and political tracts; in his lifetime some were published under his own name, while xade appeared anonymously and Sade denied being their author. Madame de Lorsagne joins a religious order after Justine’s death. I’m pretty sure she ends up killing her father, and the last scene in the book involves Juliette facilitating dde sister Justine’s death, in a sexual way, of course Justine stars in another de Sade book.

Sep 22, Olivia Mainville rated it it was amazing Shelves: I personally recommend you to read a complete version of this indisputable classic. I didn’t even let my rage break at the realization that Justine’s death breaks continuity with Justine, the book’s sister novel.

This book is gross in its over-the-top descriptions of monstrous sex. Her story is recounted to Madame de Lorsagne while defending herself for her crimes, en route to punishment and death.

Virginity must be banished and no one should ever get married. The two together formed 10 volumes of nearly pages in total; publication was completed in See all 3 questions about Juliette o las prosperidades del vicio….

I have now made it almost to the end and whilst there are some intriguing ideas and thoughts put forward the continual sexual violence is too much for me. And while the crimes perpetrated by the characters start out as shocking, they become less so as the the page count amasses and the crimes become more outrageous.


Justine (de Sade novel) – Wikipedia

And while by any standard Sade’s charact Awesome! I became desensitized to the horrors of Juliette by the end of Part Four around page This Grove Press edition is the larger “Juliette” portion marquees the infamous “The New Justine, and Her Sister Juliette,” referred to by those who should know as the lengthiest work of written pornography ever published. Saade enough time with this book and you will feel de Sade working on your brain, daring you to indulge your worst self.

For example I remember getting to the point where de Sade had c I read about half of Juliette about 20 years ago.

I think I felt sick most of the time rather than aroused. The irony is that her sister submitted to a brief period of vice and found herself a comfortable existence where she could exercise good, while Justine refused to make concessions for the greater good and was plunged further into vice than those who would go willingly.

The means to every crime is ours, and we employ them all, we multiply the horror a hundredfold.

There’s a passion and a joy to all pages that mulieta the story and makes even the long stretches of philosophy fun to read. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Works by Marquis de Sade. Though if you’re into pain and body fluids you’ll probably find it titillating.