Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Sourcebook. The Kingdoms of Kalamar is a big and ambitious campaign setting that harkens back to. Kingdoms of Kalamar (d20) : Home of Knights of the Dinner Table, HackMaster, Kingdoms of Kalamar. Kingdoms of Kalamar: Campaign Setting Sourcebook (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying) [Kenzer & Company Staff] on *FREE*.

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As it stands, uncovering the sectrets of Kalamar may be a long dry read by a patient Jingdoms. However, it seems a bit jarring when the artwork is mixed on the same page, as is done several times in the book. Meznamish itself is much reduced in power, yet still retains a desire to power again. Impact is nice, but Giant Bane is useless unless you are consistanly facing giants in your campaign.

Two parts of a poster map of Tellene are glued into the interior of kalama book. This isn’t an issue since those won’t be the maps used by the DM. Generally only a few paragraphs on each organization are provided, leaving much for the GM to detail.

I would have preferred that the 12 pages in Chapter 9 which covers languages including the alphabets, naming conventions, etc, have been used to flesh out these organizations. Originally Posted by OverdrivePrime. Kingdoms of Kalamar was one of my first major campaigns I spent my money on, and as such is the one I actually have the most reviews already done on Amazon.


Eventually, however, I took a closer look and discovered a wealth of history and stories contained within the book. Inspired me enough to think about using it down the road. The city and details touch on a lot of potential plot material that any DM who runs this world setting should take advantage of. This makes flipping through the book to get to a chapter fairly kingdpms.

If you do not have a problem with that, and are interested in a quasi-medieval setting, than you could do far worse than Kingdoms of Kalamar. Visit the Official HackMaster website! Whether that is a good or bad thing is up to questionable.

The Guild Companion: Review: Kingdoms of Kalamar

One of the huge problems I had with the book were inconsistencies found throughout. The ancestors of the modern Reanaarians settled along the cost of Reanaaria Bay, forming a network of independent towns, villages, and kinggdoms.

Just glancing through it, the highest NPC appears to be a 17th level cleric. As just about every reviewer has mentioned there are no domains for the gods in the book though massive fan complaint has caused them to put out something on the internet nor is there any discussion of non-human races except for a good bit about the Hobgoblins, which unfortunately, is only a few pages long.

This is a nice book. All times are GMT Still, a top notch product for a top notch setting. Join Date Mar Posts The reviews on Amazon gave me a very good sense of what the sourcebooks are like. Besides those mentioned, Elves have three very small and distinct kingdoms, and dwarves, gnomes, and halflings are mostly downtrodden.


Kingdoms of Kalamar

Just reading through Tellene’s pantheon of deities will give you inspiration for untold gaming sessions and adventures! The section on the various human races fo have used some expansion, detailing more of the distinctions that differentiate them from each other. It manages to provide enough detail to create a sense of realism while managing to avoid overdetailing the setting.

Dueling in Realms of Fantasy. Each governmental body is fully described with their history of war and peace. The explanation is never “that’s just the way it is,” or “it’s magic – it doesn’t have to make sense. I’ve noticed some books from the campaign setting, Kingdoms of Kalamar, at my local used book stores a few times lately and I was wondering if anyone had any info on this setting that I’ve never heard of.

The Wild Lands were first settled by Fhokki and Deyj tribes who migrated into the region from the south.

Now the DM can have his book and the players can have theirs. Some of my all time favorite magic items come from that book.

The worst offenders though are that sometimes NPCs don’t seem to be referenced in the back or information isn’t complete.