View and Download Kodak EASYSHARE ZD user manual online. Zoom digital camera. EASYSHARE ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Kodak EasyShare ZD user manual online. Zoom digital camera. EasyShare ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Kodak EasyShare ZD user manual online. EasyShare zoom digital camera. EasyShare ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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Kodak EasyShare ZD zoom digital camera — User’s guide

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Using The Focus Button Wide angle: Magnifying a picture Magnify 1X – 8X.

Use the Menu button to control all other settings. To gain sharpness Camera uses infinity auto-focus. Press the Shutter button completely down.

Ideal for indoor pictures under tungsten or halogenlighting without flash. PictureCropped pictureto find a2 Press the Menu button, thento highlight theEdit tab. In Favorites mode, the current favorite picture is displayed.

The slide show stops if youconnect or disconnect the cable while the slide show is running. A child blowing Summary of the content on the page No. Troubleshooting Insert a new or charged battery.

Remove memory card from the camera. Contact a dealer of Kodakproducts for more information.


The camera attempts to focus on foreground subjects, even if the subjects are not centered in the scene. The album name appears with the picture. Pictures taken at the 3: Getting Help Other Get support for other cameras, software, www. Do not zx710 the AC adapter included with the Kodak EasyShare camera dock or printer dock to power your camera.


Enhanced pictures cannot be enhanced again on the camera.

Using Burst 3 Press the Shutter button completely down and hold it to take pictures. AF Control Video Choose an auto-focus setting. You can save it as a new video or replace the original. Follow the screen prompts to replace the original picture or to save the enhanced picture as a new one.

Printing and emailing favorites1 Slide the Power switch to Favorites. Capture Frame GridTurn framing grid on or off. A picture is created. If the LCD breaks, do not touch the glass or liquid. If you are using no zoom 1X, wide angleyou can be as close as 24 in. Table of contents 1 1 Setting up your camera Page 57 6TroubleshootingCamera problemsFor step-by-step product support, visit www.

Adding Sound Tags 1 Press the Review button, then to find a tagged picture.

Kodak EASYSHARE ZD710 User Manual

Shutter button halfway down to focus. At the prompt, press OK. You cannot use digital zoom for video recording.

Setting up your camera Storing pictures on an SD card Your camera has internal memory. The Direct print menu interface turns off. Press OK again to replay. A 4- 9- or up picture is created. Image Storage Choose a storage location for pictures and videos. You can use optical zoombefore taking a video, but not while recording.

The camera automatically sets the shutter speed andaperture f-stop based on the scene lighting. Highlight Trim, then press the OK button. Indexinfo button, iiinstallingbatteries, 2SD card, 4software, 46internal memorystorage capacity, 61ISO speed, 38Jjoystick, iiKKodak EasyShare softwareinstalling, 46upgrading, 64Kodak Perfect Touch technology, 18Kodak Web sites, 56Llandscape, 10, 29language, 35LCD, iireviewing pictures, 15reviewing videos, 15lens, icap, 1cleaning, 60liveview, 34loadingbatteries, 2SD card, 4software, MMac OS, installing software, 46maintenance, camera, 60make picture from video, 20ma.


Format card in camera Change image storage location to internal memory page First—on your computerUse the EasyShare software to create album names on your computer.

Tell us about it. For best results, use a tripod. Page 56 Transferring and printing picturesOrdering prints onlineKodak EasyShare Gallery is one of the many online print services offered in EasySharesoftware. PictBridge printer, 48 picture quality, 31 pictures checking settings, 27 copying, 26 cropping, 18 deleting, 16 emailing tagged, 40 Kodak Perfect Touch, 18 printing, 50 printing tagged, 39 protecting, 16 reviewing, 15 storage capacity, 61 tagging, 44 taking, modes, 28 www.

ISO speed—control sensitivity to light. Press the flash button repeatedly to scroll through flash 2 modes. To delete favorites from your camera, press the Delete button while in Favorites mode. SCN Scene modes, page xd710 Press and hold for 4 seconds to jump to a bookmark Kodak EasyShare printer dock or camera dock May kodaj sold separately. Highlight Make Picture, then press the OKbutton.

To exit, either press the kkdak until the icon turns off or turn off the camera.