MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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This vice of avarice seems to have the effect of completely arresting development for the time, and it is very difficult to shake off when once it has gained a firm hold upon the personality. It is obvious that this man has shut himself away from the world, and that vibrations from without cannot readily affect him. Not one glass at a time only, but many glasses simultaneously, are filled from each bucket; and each one of them brings back to the group-soul its own quota of evolved quality. Lists with This Book.

It will be observed that these three manifestations on their respective planes are entirely distinct one from the other, and yet we have only to follow up the dotted lines to see that these separate persons are nevertheless in truth but aspects of the one.

The general effect, however, has been very happily caught by the artist. It will be noticed that the number of planes is seven, invisble that each of them in turn is divided into seven sub-planes.

Into a life cramped and limited there suddenly shines a gleam from above, and the divine spark within glows brighter in response.

Man, Visible and Invisible by Charles W. Leadbeater

Wedgwood of the Liberal Catholic Church. Trivia About Man, Visible and I am endeavoring to give, as nearly as possible, the exact shade which expresses the unmixed emotion whose name is attached to it; but human emotions are hardly ever unmixed, and so we have constantly to classify or to analyse indeterminate hue in the formation of which knvisible factors have played their part.

Plate V will give us some idea of its appearance at or soon after this stage, and keadbeater may be taken to represent the causal body of the primitive man. The result is indescribably ghastly, and it is impossible to convey an adequate idea of it by illustration. A man may have only a few bars of depression, and even they may be but transient; or in slighter and less persistent cases, the heavy cloud may hardly have time to arrange itself viaible lines at all.


Theosophy : Man Visible and Invisible by C.W. Leadbeater

The morning sunlight has changed into noonday glory. As man learns to function in these higher types of matter, he finds that the limitations of the lower life are transcended, and fall away one by one.

In exactly the same way the true quality as it exists in the soul cannot be expressed in matter of any lower level; the vibrations of the lower matter are altogether too dull and sluggish to represent it, the string is not sufficiently stretched to enable it to respond to the note which resounds from above. Thus, while all alike produce their results down here, and manifest them in the various temporary vehicles, it is the good qualities only which are retained as so much definite gain to the real man.

Thus we see how it can be said: The yellow of intellect, however, has entirely vanished for the time – which I suppose would be considered by the cynical as characteristic of the condition!

The Mental Body of the Developed Man. It will be noticed that the band is of full width not only through the whole of the physical plane, but in the lowest sub-plane of the astral as well, showing that the animal is capable to the fullest possible extent of experiencing the lower desires, although the rapid narrowing of the band as we reach the higher sub-planes proclaims that his capacity for the higher desires is much more limited.

Using our mental sight, it would be the mental body of our primitive friend that we should perceive, and it would probably resemble that illustrated in Plate VI. The wonderful way in which man is made in the image of God may be seen by comparing the triad of the human soul with the Trinity in manifestation above it. The nerves of the subject are still there, and so far as physical sight can see in perfect working order; yet they do not perform their office of reporting to his brain, because the fluid which animates them is not connected with that brain, but with the brain of the operator.


They tell us that the group-soul is like the water in a bucket, while if we suppose a tumbler full of water withdrawn from that bucket, we shall have a representation of the soul of the single animal. Return to Book Page. Now at all points between these two extremes its condition is something intermediate; there is always subdivision, but it is not yet carried to the point of individualization.

Man Visible and Invisible

The name of Buddhi has been given to that principle or component part of man which manifests itself through the matter of the fourth plane, while the mental plane is the sphere of action of what we call the mind in man. It will, of course, be understood that we are speaking now not of the Absolute, the Supreme, and the Infinite for of Him naturally we can know nothing, except that He isbut of that glorious Manifestation of Him who is the great Guiding Force or Deity of our own solar system – who is called in our philosophy visivle Logos of the system.

Andrea Lerette rated it it was amazing Aug 13, That is why a man who shows himself after death as an apparition leadbeaer impresses his friends as looking lfadbeater instead of maj than when he died. Its force, therefore, is all expended at its own level, and it reacts in its entirety upon its creator in his astral and physical life, whether it be in this or in future incarnations.

Nova Bonzek rated it liked it Jul 18, The Causal Body of the Savage. Affection is scarcely indicated at all, and invisile intellect and religious feeling as leadbeqter are of the lowest possible kind. The difference between its condition when issuing forth and when returning is exactly like that between a great mass of shining nebulous matter and the solar system which is eventually formed out of it. The study of these units and of the possibilities of their combination is in itself one of most enthralling interest.