Chandra Pips Arundhati to Commonwealth Prize. The Times of India News Service. NEW DELHI: Vikram Chandra’s Love and Longing in Bombay has won the. Vikram Chandra is one of those writers who really likes to spin a yarn. Unlike many contemporary fiction writers, especially from India, whose. In these five haunting stories Vikram Chandra paints a remarkable picture of Bombay—its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries—while exploring timeless.

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It also confirms the young New Delhi [sic] writer as without question a power to be reckoned with. That different vision of the world he marvelously created through these short stories. The house stood in a square plot on prime residential land in Khar, surrounded by new, extravagant constructions coloured the pink and green of new money. As we all know, Indian culture do not reside in the pages of the history book but the commoners live it in their daily chores. Since it was set in India, Chancra thought it might be by an Indian writer, but I wasn’t sure.

They have all lost something, and even in their small, temporary victories, continue to lose.

But the titles ,onging the stories can highlight the scant understanding of their cultural context if the readers are western. Kama showcased sex and identity crisis horribly, the ending had a will-understand thing, well we don’t Mr. He could tell from moment to moment where it was on the balcony. When I started going there, he had been retired for six years from the Ministry of Defence, after a run of forty-one years that bomby left him a joint-secretary.


He jumps out of the pages and becomes so real.

Vikram Chandra’s ‘Love and Longing in Bombay’: Where potboilers meet literature

This structure both formalises the storytelling act, and gives it purpose as a pastime, as entertainment, and as instruction. After a while my glass was empty and I stopped to look for the bearer.

His roommate had found him at five o’clock on a Saturday morning doing push-ups on the gravel outside their room, and rubbing his eyes he had said, “Antia, you’re an enthusiast. We shouldn’t sleep here. Ugh – This one word can literally sum up all of my review for Love and Bkmbay in Bombay.

I liked that Chandra uses the stories to explore a variety of genres, linking the stories through framing device and theme while exploring other areas bobay each individual work.

A collection of short stories It’s simply an observation that, thanks to my recently acquired background awareness of Mughal and Pakistan and Sikh, I was able to brush up gently against the references and sink my teeth into the marrow of the genre. True or not, it has its desired effect, as the main narrator heads off into the night to find and win his Ayesha and celebrate a new life together in a city of stories, a city filled with names that are themselves invitation to fabling.

Dec 13, Rachel Pollock rated it it was amazing. Some of them, of course! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Love and Longing in Bombay: Stories

I still had my body turned around in the seat, but the rest of them turned to him expectantly. The stories yield more stories. The incidents in the book is what we read every day Since I’ve read the book though, might as well review it.


Jago Antia remembered then a story that was a part of his own legend: Her hair was white, and she was wearing white, and she had a strong nose and direct eyes. To go to the extent, Bombay becomes a character for Chnadra. He lives with his wife Melanie Abrams, who is also a novelist.

Even though the stories were relatively short, I found myself having difficulty following them because I simply couldn’t make myself care. I thought the story about bomaby climbing was hilarious.

A personal and fascinating view of a labyrinthine Bombay and its inhabitants, themselves layered characters…. Once in a while you come across a book that makes you read with a kind of greed, as if you were breaking a fast. There is nothing shallow here, and the joy of the language is immense. Aug 16, Sandeep rated it it was ok.

I read a good bit of fiction by Indian authors. In fact, Subramaniam could be read as the link to the age-old tradition of Mahabharata and Ramayana in Artha two men are shown to love each other. His eyes filled with moisture and suddenly the dark was full of soft vokram.

Chandra is a writer completely unafraid of being thought old-fashioned, and the book unwinds as a series of stories told by a narrator in a bar. Shakti is about a love-story between Sanjeev and Roxanne. The sake of the bt.