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Abstract interfaces can only be of the stateless XI 3. Data types essentially define simple or complex XML data structures, which can be created in a data type editor or imported. At runtime, the corresponding message might look as follows as an XML document: Operation Mapping Figure On the right, two windows contain detailed information about the message.

Determine the software components installed in the NetWeaver Process Integration integraion of the current course. For these objects it is not important whether and on which server the software component is actually installed. After these pipeline processing steps have been carried out, the message is placed back into an outbound queue assigned to the message receiver see above figure – Step 5 to then be sent to the receiver through an adapter or sent directly by using the proxy technology see above figure – Step 6.

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Using the process component model SAP ProcComp modelstart by modeling the data used by the process component and the service interfaces that are to be provided to ensure access to this data from other process components. For an overview of the sender communication components, a table-like representation of the objects can be accessed from the Configuration tab page. It shows how to create business systems in the SLD, and how to import these into the Integration Directory.


The HTTP address used merely ensures that the name of the namespace is unique.

There are two business systems in your configuration scenario: Enter a product that is installed on the system so that it runs at runtime. Namespaces with this prefix have no value in the sense that they are not connected with a web page in the Internet. Testing a Message Mapping To test a message mapping, navigate to the Test tab page. Graphical Mapping Editor Figure Integgation wizard opens at runtime.

In the case of asynchronous processing acknowledgements, the HopList ensures that responses are sent back to the original sender. Note that not all of the listed tasks are available for every component.

pocess To make definitions, use the condition editor, which in turn calls the expression editor. You can then save a completed document as a test instance. To transfer this configuration to the production environment using an export and import, and then use it in production, you must identify the corresponding business systems in the test and production environments.

PI Message Mapping

You need to configure one or more receivers with different inbound interfaces. You can represent these interactions using the integration scenario model SAP integration scenario model.

You want messages to be bit400 as uniformly as possible when data is transferred between systems. With transport targets, you map the names of business systems in different business system groups to each other. The software components often provide external outbound and inbound interfaces. Search for netwever software components listed above. You can reach the editor to define a condition as follows: Subsequent changes to an object in the software component version in the Enterprise Services Repository Integration Repository do not affect the object in another software component version.

If applicable, you can create mapping rules for nitegration an outbound interface to an inbound interface. Introducing the Scenario 3. There are various types of technical systems.

They can be used as configuration templates and, in this way, they simplify the implementation of standard scenarios. This lesson covers how software components can be ndtweaver, how they can be integrated into the Enterprise Services Repository Integration Repositoryand which interface objects can be created within the software component versions.


End-to-end monitoring has two views for displaying the data for the individual processing steps technical integraation steps of the messages in the configured components: Double-click to navigate to the detail view.

The same applies to the receiver system. A further receiver procrss be added to the scenario later on. In this analysis, you have to determine which process steps you are going to implement in which system and in which software component. Which data types are referenced? The fields of this structure reference complex data types, which correspond to line types.

In this step, for each receiver determined, the system checks whether the sender communication nftweaver is assigned an inbound interface of the receiver business system. Configuration Management comprises the following options for system configuration: Introducing the Scenario Lesson: Data types are the basic components of interfaces.

XML validation allows you to check the structure of an XI message payload. Sender that intefration an Adapter: How many nodes does the message type have? Configure a second receiver for your scenario manually. The processing sequence can also be important in asynchronous scenarios. If you want to validate the message against a defined schema in Customizingthe Integration Engine or the Advanced Adapter Engine does this as a spa step in message processing.

Use the context object MaterialID for this purpose. Start the HTTP client. Next, the message is placed in an outbound queue see above figure – Step 3. You can also find further information in the documentation online.