The Coven is the 2nd book in the Sweep series. The Coven was originally published on January 29, The Coven (Sweep, No. 2) [Cate Tiernan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1st trade edition paperback new condition. In stock shipped. : Sweep: Book of Shadows, the Coven, and Blood Witch: Volume 1 ( ): Cate Tiernan: Books.

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I think it’s even better than the first book.

Then I went back to New York Manhattan and got a job in publishing and started writing. Again, Pretty much all the same criticism as I gave for the Book ccoven Shadows. Still think you’re probably going to end up a bad guy, but we’ll see. Jul 03, mai rated it really liked it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I am not a regular ths girl.

Hunter and Cal then fight, resulting to the event of Hunter placing a braigh – a spelled chain meant to hurt witches – covsn Cal so that he is helpless. Instead of seeing Morgan as curious, brave and likeable, I found her rather irritating. In this second book, Morgan is learning more about her family and about her powers.

I was almost doubled over with laughter. Morgan was an okay character in this, but most of the other characters annoyed me.

I am a witch. The Coven was an enjoyable read, and I finished it in tkernan one day. I don’t feel like reviewing this one.


One Book Two

Looking for More Great Reads? Pretty much all the same criticism as I gave for the Book of Shadows. In Dark Magick Morgan was betrayed by the first boy she ever loved Cal. Always believe in your dreams and pursue them no matter what the cost. I have to read the next one!!!

It is not done correctly here. Bree and Raven and many other girls hate Morgan who they view as less than them and wonder how she caught Cal, Morgan wonders about that as well, but her emotions blind her judgment. Infatuation, yes, obsession, in the case of Morgan, also yes.

Sweep, Volume 1: Book of Shadows/The Coven/Blood Witch

Just as I had anticipated, these books are being spread out into little novellas where they could easily and better served, to have been set up as one or two novels. She is also feeling very conflicted about what happened with Bree but when she finds out that Bree and Raven are asking another witch for a “withering of love” spell, hse is shocked to find that the other witch is part of Cal’s mother’s coven.

Cal runs into the woods with Hunter following behind and Morgan following. The first three Sweep books hte into cat gorgeous edition at a fabulous price! Thw has a child, Moira whom she believes is Colm Byrne, her husband and her child, but in reality is not. The council sends Hunter to New York, the place where the coven is suspected to operate, to investigate.


The tenth book in the Sweep series is not from Morgan’s point of view.

The Coven | Cate Tiernan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Shortly after it launched in March ofit exploded! Another thing that really frustrated me were her parents. Yes, I am a fast reader, and it’s a fairly short book, but that’s not the point As Morgan discovers that Hunter is still alive, she sets out to find him. I think she’s the cause of the evil happening.

Stay in Touch Sign up. The character Bree is the reason I don’t miss high school.

Morgan goes with Hunter; however, she also wishes to discover more about her birth parents, something which can only be done in New York. My hatred for Morgan’s parents grew.

Notify me of new posts via email. Covdn parents deny that they are blood witches which leads Morgan to find out that she was adopted.

A blood witch is a person who is born with witch parents. Selene falls to the ground, grieving over her son’s dead body.