HelpNDoc and that you’ll never see documentation creation the same way from now on. We even think you will enjoy it soon. This tutorial project will let you get. But for those who cannot afford RoboHelp there are some free alternatives out there like HelpNDoc; free at least for personal use. If you need to.

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A Free Help File Software: HelpNDoc

You can display these documents or make them available to download. It is easy to define that cover picture in HelpNDoc.

We will see how HelpNDoc can greatly help with that in another tutorial. A few options let you define the level of encryption, passwords and user permissions for your generated PDF documents. It is simple to modify this setting to automatically collapse topics, displaying only parent-level topics in the table of contents.

When a keyword becomes obsolete, it is possible to delete it from the keywords list. Once topics are created within the table of contents, it is possible to rapidly change their name to fine-tune your documentation layout. Click here to see some screen-shots of the application: Named licenses can only be installed on a limited number of computers you own.

HelpNDoc has automatically created the table of contents hierarchy for us. It lists all occurrences of library items as well as any topics that use them.


You can also use the Project Analyzer to eliminate unnecessary and outdated duplicates to streamline your updating processes. It can also be published multiple times with different content and settings in each of those tutkrial. Step-by-step guides Follow the guides to learn how to use HelpNDoc ttuorial be more efficient when creating help and documentation projects. Here are some of the things I like about HelpNDoc: HelpNDoc gives you the flexibility and control to determine which of your builds are published when you generate documentation.

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Welcome to HelpNDoc

If you need to use these programs commercially you may need to pay a small licensing fee, which might be worth it. HelpNDoc makes it easy to include specific topics only in selected builds by tagging them. You can create PDF and Word templates that define the cover, paper size, orientation of the page, margins, headers, and footers as well as the appearance of your table tutorila contents and topic titles.

This new template is then available to helpnsoc and can be used when publishing all of your projects. By default, hyperlinks take readers to the beginning of specific topics. It provides an integrated view of key stats and insights about hyperlinks and library items used throughout the entire project.

HelpNDoc certainly is rather basic but certainly fully OK for a small help project. Deleting them from your HelpNDoc projects just takes a few clicks. Learn how your comment data is processed. HelpNDoc puts you in control of the belpndoc checker settings. Helpndic the center section of the ‘New project’ window, a default table of contents outline is provided for you. You can use the Project Analyzer to sort hyperlinks by their properties i. This is what the TOC-typing screen looks like: HelpNDoc offers four kinds of topics.


You can also select to link to anchors embedded within your topics. You must be logged in to post a comment.

How to create new HelpNDoc projects | HelpNDoc

Readers can then click a parent topic, expanding it to view the children topics. This makes it simple to define your preferences once and then use them repeatedly without manually defining styles each time you create a new project.

Your HelpNDoc documentation can be published in multiple formats. Notice how the live spell checker is always available to help. Tutroial can use keywords to index your topics to help users to find the information they are looking for.