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Kaleb Daark’s armour displays runes granted to him by his patron deity. Interestingly, this Champion is slain by the novel’s main character in what could be seen as an early example of what GW would later do with the Squats!

I have been fascinated with this fluff ever since I found out about it around 10 years ago.

Do you have a copy of your script about these two daemons! Needless to say, these two never made it into the mainstream of the Warhammer mythos, and were never mentioned again as far as I know. There is some confusion over the Malal concepts.

You have created a wonderful, dynamic, and heavy feeling Chaos knight that looks like he could take on the hordes besieging Praag, and painting him up very nicely indeed.


Pietroschek 13 September at You must be glad he’s finished, JB. But who exactly is, or indeed was Malal?

c13 Kaleb Daark

Or has this one miniature remained an experiment rather than a change in policy? Blutrache 20 February daadk Hi I would love to have a go at sculpting the Beast of Malal if anyone would be interested in seeing it?

The Will Power saark of the now dead creature is divided by three, any remainder is ignored. I gave to a friend the second horse, complete with Kaleb’s riding body with the helm. Thanks for the hints on Eternal Champion.

What will the future hold? Including the debate about what exactly the Malal images shared in his previous interview represented. I had kapeb two daadk of it, because I did not like the rider version that was wearing a helm, so I converted one daagk the mounted pieces cutting caark two the second standing one and glueing the bust on some rider’s legs on the original Kaleb’s horse.

I’ve never played it though I own the Tin Man and Oxy but have heard on the ‘street’ that it isn’t up to much. Kaleb Daark enjoys the favour of his insane god, for his resolve is incredibly strong, perhaps deriving vigour from some dark aspect of his personality, some event hidden deep with his past or subconscious. Kaleb gets on foot for some close action There aint half some talent working on that comic strip. I had obviously been too successful in implying such behaviour.


These points are used to summon the god Malal, and may also be used as a dice bonus. His sacred colours were daagk and white. Ninja-for-Hire 21 January at From 4th edition onwards Tzeentch’s Holy number has been upped to 11 for some reason Nathan Krungharr 9 January at I seem to recall it got used as a generic demon somewhere.

So the ideas behind Malal were somewhat vague.

Kaleb Daark

Of his might of arms, undoubted courage and potent unholy weaponry, however, all know at least the most horrific details. By the second image you mean the one with MALAL written in the upper left hand corner and the number lightly pencilled by it?

It’s a weight off the hobby conscience. Fantastic little article, great read. Adark have they done with it since eh? Kaleb Daark’s first name backwards reminds me of Belak’or. Thank you for putting so much work into examining the history behind it all.