Psychologia rodziny teoria i badania [Mieczyslaw Plopa] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Publikacja jest proba przedstawienia zarowno. Praca i rodzina. Konflikt czy synergia? [Work and Family. Conflict or Synergy?] Warszawa: WydawnictwVizja Press & IT. Plopa, M. (). Psychologia rodziny. Jan M Plopa. Plopa, M. (). Psychologia rodziny. Teoria i badania. Kraków: Oficyna Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar Socjologia rodziny.

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The understanding of life quality was later gradually expanded to include non-material values, mainly freedom, health and happiness. Participants The study was conducted during and involved examining a total of couples in dual-career marriages participantsi.

Plopa, Mieczysław (1948- ).

No significant differences between women and men were observed. The notion of life quality was many years ago associated exclusively with financial satisfaction, determined by the possessed goods and financial resources.

Acta Neuropsychologica, 11 1 A study of employed parents in two community samples. Among undeniable advantages are: Therefore, as long as what is realized by spouses in dual-career marriages brings them pleasure and binds them to a subjective feeling of achieving successes, both professional and personal, their subjective sense of life quality and meaning is protected, determining that they see conflicts, stresses and tensions as costs which need to be paid in exchange for a broadly defined success in life.

Research carried out in the field of experiencing role conflicts by women demonstrate that this problem affects particularly those who have traditional, and not modern, views on gender roles, consequently generating greater psychological costs Zalewska, Where do we need go? Stowarzyszenie Psychologia i Architektura. Conflicts resulting from the work-family relation generate difficulties also in its social aspect Frone, Yardley, Markel,after: A peculiar paradox underlying the experienced stress and role conflicts can be noticed, one that consists in a specific split: A dual-career marriage is a modern family model, within which both spouses realize, on the one hand, broadly defined professional careers under conditions of competitive job market and competitive forms of employment, often occupying managerial positions; and life careers on the other hand, those related to family, marital roles, housekeeping and earning the livelihood.


Plopa, Mieczysław ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

An ecological perspective on the correlates of positive and negative spillover strona The results, as analyzed with the Amos 21 statistical package figure 1, table 1 indicate that the model generally fits the data acceptably well and its statistical power is satisfactory.

Most often they come down to physical and emotional strains, time pressure, a considerable quantistrona As demonstrated by the results of numerous studies Rook, Dooley, Catalano, ; Rostowska,individuals experiencing satisfaction with their own life and its particular areas, rodzinu able to set out clear and realistic life goals, take pleasure in their own accomplishments, and cope with psgchologia toil of every-day reality and stress more effectively.

Conflicts experienced between areas m.poopa work and family can also significantly impinge on the quality of marital relationships and determine tensions between partners, particularly when accompanied by mutual competition and burdening with domestic duties, as is presently the case in two-career relationships Duxbury, Higgins, ; Rostowski, Rostowska, ; Rostowska, Within the questionnaire we can single out one global scale whose result determines a generalized stress level and additionally subscales for measuring emotional tension, external stress, intrapsychic stress and a lie scale.

Economic and lsychologia transformations we pychologia been witnessing since the mid-XX century, as well as related processes: Regardless of sex, these are therefore important areas of self-realization for a present-day individual Whitehead, Work-Life Balance Dependent variable: Such success is, no doubt, a hard-earned one and requires both partners to be tolerant and mature. When discussing mutual interactions between professional and family life, one is not to forget about the directivity of those relations.


Mieczysław Plopa (Author of Psychologia rodziny)

In addition, authors show that the complexity of analyzed interactions can also apply to factors mediating this process. Place attachment and mobility. Research questions and hypotheses Considering the purposes formulated above, the following research questions were put forward: Sources of conflict between work and family roles. Even though they pursue the contemporary model of professional career, strona Purpose in Life Mediating variables: Having analyzed the available literature on the issues of how professional and family life interact, one can notice two main theoretical perspectives: Nevertheless, it is very often emphasized in the literature of the subject that negative consequences coming from the specific character of these relationships occur as well.

The issue was therefore presented as a one-way relationship Parasuraman, Greenhaus, Praca i rodzina — konflikt czy synergia? One can wonder, then, if the obtained findings particularly apply to the first of those subtypes. Therefore the results obtained are in concert with the postulated hypothesis H2.

And it is not limited only to developing expert professional competences, but interpersonal and intrapersonal competences as well, where individuals get the chance to improve specific skills within themselves, e. Journal of Marriage and Family, 53, Level of role conflict between partners in dual-career couples and a sense of purpose in life.

Methods In order to verify the research questions and hypotheses stated above, four diagnostic tools were used.